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How Long is a Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental Contract?

One of the primary reasons waste haulers rent as opposed to buy is because they may not need certain vehicles or equipment year-round. Owning equipment, after all, entails storage and maintenance costs. Buying simply isn’t a sound investment for a vehicle that a company may only need seasonally or on an intermittent basis. At Big Truck Rental, our short-term garbage truck rental contract length offers flexibility for waste disposal companies and their often-fluctuating demands.

How Long Are Our Rental Contracts?

The keyword is “flexibility.” Renters are not limited to year-long contracts, though those are also available options. Our short-term contracts last anywhere between one to six months.

What scenarios constitute the need for a short-term garbage truck rental agreement? Waste haulers may require a vehicle short-term for:

  • Seasonal jobs
  • Emergency jobs, such as post-storm cleanups
  • One-off projects
  • Delayed delivery of a new truck purchase
  • Testing how compatible a truck is for a particular route before investing in a truck purchase

Why Rent from Big Truck Rental?

Aside from flexible contract durations, renters also benefit in other ways by renting as opposed to buying. Our garbage trucks are, on average, no more than 24-months old. This means you are renting relatively new models with the latest tech and safety features. The process is also quick; we can have the desired truck ready for you within 48 hours in most cases. If you end up requiring the rental longer than anticipated, just let us know and we can convert your short-term contract into a long-term one. There are no sneaky contract-change fees or surplus charges that you will not be made aware of.

What Is Included in the Agreement?

With every new contract, we will outline the provisions of the agreement. For the renters, they must maintain the vehicle in accordance with manufacturer guidelines. This includes regular oil changes and lubrications as well as filter changes every 300 hours of operation. On our end, we pledge that all garbage trucks are job-ready when we hand you the keys.

Take Advantage of Our Short-Term Contracts

We can’t emphasize enough the benefits that come with a flexible rental contract. You are not required to commit to prolonged rental periods that extend beyond the length that you need the vehicle. Contact Big Truck Rental to learn about rental agreements for our diverse fleet of garbage trucks.

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