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What Are the Maintenance Responsibilities for a Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental?

One of the biggest advantages of a short-term truck rental contract is its flexibility. You can rent a garbage truck for as short a time as 24 hours. Essentially, you keep the vehicle for just as long as you need to while an existing truck is under repairs or while awaiting delivery of a new truck. Even though the truck is under your care for a brief duration, you still have an obligation to maintain the truck and return it in the condition it was loaned to you.

Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental Care

We can’t outline the precise maintenance regulations because every garbage truck is different. Factors like truck type (i.e., front-loader vs. roll-off) and manufacturer dictate the specific care that’s required. At Big Truck Rental, we leave nothing to guesswork; our short-term garbage truck rental page contains digital copies of the official manuals for each vehicle in our inventory. Always refer to these guides for daily care and pre- and post-operation maintenance.

General Maintenance Care

Always refer to the official manuals on our documents page for short-term garbage truck rental care. No matter the truck type you rent, it will more or less require these forms of daily maintenance:

  • Regularly change the oil. For most garbage trucks, this would be more frequent than a civilian vehicle as commercial engines tend to accumulate more heat.
  • Check the tire pressure and tread depth. Commercial tires on garbage trucks are more prone to wear from constant stop-and-go traffic.
  • Pay attention to brake performance. Brake pads are more prone to damage due to heat buildup from frequent stops and starts.
  • Check all components that you would on a residential vehicle, including chassis, linkage, battery, transmission, cooling system, and fluid filtration.

Inquire About Our Short-Term Rentals

Various factors can cause your fleet to operate at less than 100% capacity. Many of these factors are unforeseen, requiring businesses to acquire a temporary replacement ASAP. At Big Truck Rental, our short-term contracts provide flexible leeway, and we can have a truck ready for delivery or pickup within 48 hours. Remember that while the truck is in your possession – no matter how short the timeframe – you must perform all maintenance according to manufacturer recommendations. Contact us today to learn more.

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