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What Is the Best Solution for Old Garbage Trucks?

As with civilian vehicles, garbage trucks will undergo more frequent breakdowns as they age. This means more time in the repair shop and less time collecting garbage. Older trucks are a liability due to the risk of a sudden malfunction. A truck out of service can lead to delays, financial loss, and resident complaints. What is the solution for old garbage trucks that are long due for replacement?

Older Garbage Trucks Are on the Rise

Due to budget cuts and similar factors, more municipalities are using existing trucks even after they experience a myriad of issues and trips to the repair shop. In Columbus, GA, for example, a report revealed that 55 of the city’s 83-truck fleet have exceeded their useful lifespan.

With budget being a primary factor, one solution is garbage truck rental for aging trucks. This is a cost-friendly option that can prevent delays and tide the city over until they acquire new trucks.

Why Rent a Garbage Truck?

When you retire a garbage truck, a replacement is obviously needed. The two options are to either buy a new truck or rent one. The latter gives the city some leeway. A rental can serve as an immediate and temporary stand-in until the purchase of a new truck is finalized and ready for use.

A rental can also be a long-term solution. Our long-term rental plans allow cities to hold onto rentals for upwards of a year or more. Likewise, we have flexible short-term contracts for cities that only need a rental for days or weeks while procuring a new truck or repairing an existing one.

That’s not all. Big Truck Rental also has rent-to-purchase contracts. Cities can rent a recent-model front-loader, side-loader, or rear-loader. With our flexible terms, they can test it out for as long as they deem necessary. If they feel it’s a good fit, they can elect to purchase the truck at the end of the contract with some of the rental payment covering a portion of the purchase price.

We Offer a Range of Municipal Garbage Truck Rental Contracts

Do you know the average age of the garbage trucks in your inventory? As the miles and age rise, they become less reliable. With decreased dependability comes higher repair costs and more frequent waste pickup delays. Let those older trucks retire and refresh your fleet with one or more rentals from Big Truck Rental. Contact us to learn more about our municipal garbage truck plans.

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