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What Are the Maintenance Responsibilities for a Municipal Garbage Truck Rental?

Waste management is an integral element for maintaining city cleanliness and sanitation. Daily waste disposal is also an expensive and labor-intensive operation. One way to promote efficiency on the job is via truck rental, which ensures access to the latest truck models and technology. As a renter, you have a responsibility to care for the vehicle as if you are the owner. Learn about your obligations and our municipal garbage truck rental maintenance requirements.

What Are the Maintenance Guidelines?

The exact maintenance requirements differ depending on the truck type and model. The maintenance guidelines for, say, a McNeilus front-loader may be somewhat different than that of a Heil roll-off truck. See our documents page, containing the official user manual for each truck in our inventory. There are also basic care requirements that apply across the board for all truck styles.

Consider the following preventive maintenance requirements:

Battery Care

Modern garbage trucks have multiple electronics and sensors throughout its engine and body. These all rely on a healthy battery for optimal performance. Each maintenance check at the start of the day should include a voltage check as well as a look at the terminals for corrosions buildup. A truck operating on a low-voltage battery can tax the starter and alternator.


Modern trucks also have many automated functions that run on hydraulic components. Check the connections, valves, hoses, fittings, and lines. Be sure these areas are free of obstructive debris. Also, be sure all forks, arms, U-joints, and clutch linkage are lubricated according to manufacturer specification. Lubrication wears out more quickly during temperature extremes and long hours of operation.

Cooling System

The truck’s cooling system is especially important given that garbage trucks generate excessive heat during operation. Problems can cause the coolant to leak and evaporate into the air, causing an environmental hazard. While we periodically pressure test the cooling system of every truck on inventory, you must do the same once the truck is in your possession. These are some of the municipal garbage truck maintenance requirements that are too often ignored.

Acquire Your Next Rental from Big Truck Rental

City and district administrators are encouraged to contact Big Truck Rental. Our clients often include officials acting on behalf of cities ranging from rural townships to large metropolitan areas. Contact Big Truck Rental to enquire about our inventory and how we may serve your waste hauling needs.

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