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What Type of Garbage Truck Is Best for a Short-Term Rental?

Short-term rental contracts provide flexibility for waste hauling companies that may only require a truck for a temporary or one-off project. There is no single best garbage truck for short-term rental. It comes down to your individual needs. Some trucks, though, may be beneficial for companies using short-term contracts to test out different vehicles.

Rear Loader Garbage Trucks

Many disposal companies that have their own fleet already have a rear-loader garbage truck in their inventory. However, due to new technology, garbage truck manufacturers are consistently releasing updated models with improved designs, ergonomics, telematics, safety technology, etc. By renting a rear loader garbage truck on a short-term basis, you can test it out on your routes and determine whether the updated features are worth a long-term investment.

Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Like rear loaders, you may already have a front loader truck in your inventory. Nevertheless, this is an excellent short-term rental if you wish to experiment with a more recent model. You just may be surprised at how much more efficiently a newer truck performs compared to one from even just a decade ago.

Side Loader Garbage Truck

As waste haul companies vie for city contracts, they need to stay competitive. One way is by cutting down on time and expanding the number of viable residential routes. Side-loader garbage trucks help with the latter. It may enable workers to operate in tight alleyways where stopping directly in front of or behind a dumpster may not be feasible. It also saves time on each stop as you do not have to pull in and out after each collection.

Roll-Off Garbage Trucks

Roll-off garbage trucks are often a requirement if your collection points include commercial stops. Even if you already have a model in your inventory, newer roll-offs have updated designs and hydraulic systems that enable quicker roll-offs and roll-ons of commercial dumpsters, even when containers are filled at weight capacity. A short-term roll-off garbage truck rental can help you determine whether the time saved per stop is worth a longer-term investment.

We Offer Flexible Short-Term Contracts

Our inventory includes various types of garbage trucks for a short-term rental plan. With our flexible options, you can rent a vehicle for only as long as you need it. This ensures you have ample time to test out various garbage truck styles from different manufacturers. This way, you’ll know whether your existing fleet can benefit from any additions. Call Big Truck Rental to inquire about our rental contracts.

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