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What You Need to Know About McNeilus Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Front loader garbage trucks are a main staple in the refuse industry for both residential and commercial pickups. While options are many, we hope to narrow the selection for you. The McNeilus brand is one manufacturer we trust, and its front loaders are among the most reliable, which we can testify to from years of personal experience.

What Makes the McNeilus Front Loader an Industry Favorite?

In a blue-hat industry like the waste sector, reliability in machinery is critical. McNeilus Front loader trucks are at the forefront with respect to front loader waste truck rental solutions. The brand offers several models, all of which come with the patented Excalibre™ packing cylinders. The components consist of nitride rods and steel shavers for corrosion-proof durability and resistance to contamination.

The truck’s frame is fortified with AR450 steel. Furthermore, the truck’s X-Wear chromium carbide shoes ensure that critical components hold consistently under the most demanding tasks.

Its hopper provides a generous 12-cubic-yards of space, making it more than capable of tackling the grittiest residential and commercial pickups.

Streamline Operations

Operators will surely appreciate the brand-specific CODE™ controls system. This enables the operator and maintenance workers to check on vehicle diagnostics with instant troubleshooting guidelines. The controls feature backlit screens, sealed keypads, truck status lights, and more.

The hydraulic arm can accommodate up to 8,000-pounds or more depending on the model. That is more than enough for handling most commercial bins filled to capacity.

Select from the Contender, Atlantic, and Meridian

Within the McNeilus brand are three front loader garbage trucks: the Contender, Atlantic, and Meridian. All three have their own specifications regarding hopper size, hydraulic arm capability, etc. Speak with us today. We can recommend one of the three models depending on your goals and state-specific regulations. Regardless of your choice, your selection will contribute to sustainability. This is huge progress as the industry moves towards greener solutions.

Rent a McNeilus Front Loader Garbage Truck from Us

With a McNeilus front loader garbage truck rental, you can expand your existing inventory and streamline daily pickups, thereby reducing time, offsetting wear, and cutting overhead costs. We stand by McNeilus, and we are confident you will, too, after performing a few pickups around the city. Contact Big Truck Rental today to get started.

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