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LaBrie Front Loader Truck Technical Support

LaBrie is a garbage truck manufacturer long trusted by Big Truck Rental and our customers. The trust stems not just from the quality of their front loader garbage trucks but also their dedication to technical support. After a rental or purchase, you have access to comprehensive LaBrie front loader garbage truck support.

Download the Manual

If customers contact us regarding operation and troubleshooting issues with LaBrie garbage truck rentals, we refer them to our documents page. Here, you will find the official user manual for the LaBrie Front loader truck. It’s in a PDF format that you can easily download, print, and keep on hand for easy reference. The manual alone answers 90% of technical-related questions.

LaBrie Customer Assistance

If you still require assistance, you can visit Labrie’s official YouTube channel. They provide dozens of DIY training videos for resolving common maintenance issues, such as adjusting the valve or replacing a joystick button.

If you still need help, then you can get in touch with the company’s customer service representatives in both the U.S. and Canada. You may also be able to find answers to your technical support questions on LaBrie’s various social media platforms.

Technical Support from LaBrie Distributors

You can also seek assistance from a number of LaBrie distributors located throughout North America. Many provide test drives, and also give you the opportunity to ask questions related to upkeep, maintenance, and operation. This is a viable option for those requiring hands-on support.

Big Truck Rental Provides Technical Support

Most garbage truck purchases begin with a rental. When you rent with us, you can phone us for technical support for the full duration the rental truck is in your possession. Because LaBrie is one of our long-time partners, our knowledgeable staff is more than familiar with most mechanical and troubleshooting issues specific to the brand. The same goes for all the garbage trucks in our inventory available for short- and long-term contract rental.

At Big Truck Rental, our inventory includes the Wittke™ Starlight Front Loader and Wittke™ SuperDuty Front Loader trucks from LaBrie and other prominent manufacturers. We are confident we have the right front load garbage truck rental solutions for your residential and commercial pickups. Contact us today to enquire about our truck availability, contract plans, and pricing.

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