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Roll Off Garbage Truck Manufacturers

Adding a roll-off garbage truck is a valuable asset especially for waste hauling companies that take on industrial routes and large-scale projects like demolition and disaster relief waste disposal. Big Truck Rental only keeps models on inventory from reliable roll-off garbage truck manufacturers. Learn about the trustworthy brands we partner with.


Mack is one of the oldest manufacturers of heavy-duty Class 8 trucks, having been founded in 1900. One of its roll-off garbage trucks is the Mack GU713, courtesy of the brand’s Granite series. The sturdy vehicle is known for its galvanized steel cab and easy maneuverability. It also has a flat bottom steering wheel. This design scheme allows for more clearance when entering and exiting.


Freightliner is another garbage truck manufacturer that has been around the block. The company commemorated its 75th anniversary in 2017. All trucks are developed using innovative digital mock-ups. One of its roll-off trucks that we have in our inventory is the Freightliners 114SD. The truck has a clear back-of-cab platform for more efficient upfitting. With its 2,500 square-inch windshield and contoured hood, the vehicle provides optimal operator visibility and minimal blind spots.


Peterbilt is based in Texas and is a long-time provider of commercial fleet vehicles in North America. One of its roll-off trucks is the Peterbilt 567; some notable highlights include advanced safety systems like the Advanced Braking Assistance. It also utilizes electronic control unit technology with customizable programming.


Galbreath is a subsidiary of the Wastequip Mobile Products Division and is a developer of trailer hoists and truck-mounted hoists. Its roll-off cable hoists have a 60,000-pound capacity with heavy-duty safety props, fold-up ICC bumper, and rear container hold-downs. The Galbreath U5-or-174 roll-off series feature a centered-cab-mount, Pintle-ready rear aprons, and inside air control.

Rent a Roll-Over Garbage Truck from Us

A roll-off garbage truck has versatile applications, especially with respect to industrial use. Call Big Truck Rental to add a model to your existing fleet. It’s an investment that will enable for a more diverse area of operation. We only partner with tried-and-true roll-off truck manufacturers with a proven track record.

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