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How to Operate a Galbreath U5-OR-174 Roll Off Garbage Truck

The Galbreath U5-OR-174 roll off garbage truck offers outstanding power, reliability, and ease of operation.

You’ll find the official Galbreath U5-OR-174 roll off manual right here on our website. For now, we’d just like to share some tips for getting the most value from this superb waste management vehicle. Get in touch with Big Truck Rental today to learn about our affordable rental options.

Galbreath U5-OR-174 operating guidelines and safety tips

Here are some of the essentials that all operators should know:

  • Never use chains when hooking onto a container: The hoist is strong enough to snap most types of chain, including heavy-duty industrial brands.
  • Work the controls one at a time: The hoist is not designed to carry out multiple functions simultaneously.
  • Make sure the hoist is fully lowered prior to putting the truck in motion.
  • Make sure the PTO is disengaged before driving the truck.
  • Allow the truck to idle for several minutes before engaging the PTO in cold weather: This will give the hydraulic oil a chance to warm up.
  • Use extra care on bumpy or uneven roads: Otherwise, you may put undue stress on the equipment.
  • Never exceed the maximum container weight of 60,000 pounds.
  • Keep an eye out while driving on landfill property: Watch out for depressions, obstacles, or overhead obstructions such as electrical lines.
  • Feather the control valve when unloading a heavy container: This will help to ensure smooth, even operation.
  • Make sure the container’s weight is well distributed across the wheelbase: Damage may occur if the dumpster is too far forward or too far back.
  • Ensure that the trailer brakes are operating properly prior to putting the equipment in motion: The air reservoir tanks must be fully pressurized in order for the braking system to work.
  • Follow all recommended maintenance steps: Including a daily inspection of components such as the cable, cable ends, hydraulic hoses, reflectors, wiring, and weld points.

As you can see, operating a Galbreath U5-OR-174 roll-off is a fairly straightforward process. You’re always welcome to reach out to us here at Big Truck Rental if you have any questions about how to operate your rental truck. We pride ourselves on our customer support excellence.

If you’re still considering your options before renting your waste hauling equipment, we’d love to tell you more about the advantages of our Galbreath garbage truck rentals. Call Big Truck Rental to learn about our flexible short- and long-term rental agreements.

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