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How to Operate a Freightliner 114SD Roll Off Garbage Truck

If you’re looking for a great all-around waste hauling vehicle, then the Freightliner 114 SD roll off garbage truck is well worth considering. Not only is it built like a tank, it’s also easy to operate.

To see what we mean, let’s look at how a typical driver would go about using the Freightliner 114 SD during daily operations. We’re going to be somewhat general in our description since every outfit will have its own rules and procedures. You’ll find specific information about the truck in the Freightliner 114 SD owners manual.

Picking up a waste container

Once the back of the truck is aligned with the dumpster, the driver simply has to engage the PTO, raise the hoist, and connect the hook. It’s a good idea to exit the vehicle and do a quick 360° inspection before hoisting the waste container onto the truck.

Operating the tarper is a simple matter; the external controls are directly behind the driver-side door. The driver should confirm that the dumpster is locked in place and ready for transport before leaving for the landfill.

Depositing a waste container

Most landfills will have a scale house to weigh incoming loads. Once the weight has been verified, the driver can head to the workspace to deposit the debris.

Anyone who has ever hauled waste to a landfill knows that tight corners and rough terrain are all-too-common hazards. Fortunately, the Freightliner 114 SD’s precision steering makes maneuvering the truck remarkably easy.

After arriving at the designated dumping spot, the driver exits the vehicle to open the waste container. A construction helmet, safety glasses, and work gloves are essential attire.

Most dumpster doors are secured by a combination handle lock/safety chain. Be sure to unhook the chain before unlocking the handle.

After depositing the load, the driver lowers the hoist and turns off the PTO. He or she may then pull into the parking area to engage the dumpster’s lock and chain, do a quick walk-around inspection, and tend to any personal needs.

Please remember that landfill debris is notorious for causing flat tires. The driver should steer clear of any waste or obstacles that can cause vehicle damage or pose safety problems.

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