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What is a Roll Off Garbage Truck?

The term “roll off truck” refers to a rugged and highly versatile vehicle that transports open-topped waste containers (a.k.a. dumpsters) to the local landfill or recycling center safely and efficiently.

Roll off trucks are used for a wide variety of waste hauling tasks, from disaster cleanup to transporting industrial and commercial refuse.

How a roll off truck works

At the rear of a roll off truck is a heavy-duty platform that can be tilted by levers under the driver’s control. Attached to this platform is a winch, cable, and/or hook.

The driver parks the truck near the dumpster, attaches the cable or hook, and pulls the waste container onto the platform, securing it in place with built-in locks.

After arriving at the landfill or recycling center, the driver opens the dumpster’s disposal doors and tilts the platform upwards, depositing the waste materials.

Advantages of using a roll off truck for waste management

When most people think of a waste hauling operation, they picture sanitation workers going house-to-house emptying trash cans into a garbage truck.

This system is still used in cities across the country. However, it’s not always the best option for hauling waste. Here’s why:

  • Door-to-door trash pickup is not always feasible: For example, people who live in rural areas take their waste to a centralized location with portable dumpsters serviced by roll off trucks.
  • Dumpsters are essential for managing industrial and commercial waste: This is due to the type of refuse these facilities generate and the sheer amount of waste they produce. Roll off trucks are used to empty these dumpsters after they become full.
  • Roll off garbage trucks are the best choice in special situations: Including refuse created at construction sites or by natural disasters. Roll off vehicles offer a degree of flexibility that a municipal garbage truck simply can’t match.

Want to know more about roll off trucks? Call us today

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Our customer service experts are waiting to talk to you now. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our roll off trucks for rent. We can help you with your waste hauling needs.

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