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Rear Loader Garbage Truck Manufacturers

Rear loader garbage trucks are the most common waste haulers for residential routes, though they’re also favored by many refuse companies for hauling industrial waste. With the daily grind of collecting garbage, you need a reliable truck that can maintain peak performance over the long-term. This is why Big Truck Rental’s inventory only includes models from the best rear loader garbage truck manufacturers.

Currently, we have rear loaders from two trustworthy manufacturers: Heil and McNeilus.


Heil is one manufacturer that we have come to rely on for rear loaders. We carry two different rear loader options from Heil. This includes the PT 1000 Single Axle and Durapack 5000. Both models are designed for residential and commercial applications.

The PT 1000 has a compaction of 1,000 pounds per cubic yard with body sizes ranging from 13 to 25 cubic yards. The truck’s 40/60 split-body is especially beneficial for residential alleyways and picking up two separate waste streams in a single truck.

The Durapack 5000 also has a compaction of 1,000 pounds per cubic yard and body sizes ranging from 18 to 32 cubic yards. The construction consists of the manufacturer’s patented and fully wielded interlaced subframe DP body.

Heil has been around since 1901 and is the oldest active garbage truck manufacturer. Since the 1930s, the company has been serving waste companies nationwide.


McNeilus is another manufacturer that we have come to trust over the years. This has as much to do with their variety as it does with reliability. It has a standard model ideal for residential waste hauling. For industrial applications, there are heavy duty and extra compaction models.

The rear loaders from McNeilus contain special features for tackling task-specific duties. This includes features like cart tippers and container tipper kick bars. All models are also specifically designed in a way that requires less maintenance. The models have, for instance, fewer parts that require lubrication and oiling.

Rent with Big Truck Rental

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal. As such, we have strict requirements about the garbage truck models we keep in our inventory. Heil and McNeilus are among the few manufacturers that have met our stringent guidelines. Give us a call to add a dependable rear loader garbage truck to your waste hauling fleet.

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