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How To Operate a Heil Durapack 5000 Rear Loader Truck

Today’s Rear-Loader garbage trucks contain far more technological advances compared to their predecessors from even just a decade ago. Heil Durapack 5000 Rear Loader garbage trucks are designed for meeting the modern demands of residential and commercial waste disposal. Operators will need to take some time to learn the operation fundamentals in order to make full proficient use on how to operate this reliable refuse truck.

Refer to the User Manual

The user manual is the bible for all operation and troubleshooting instructions. You will find resolutions to 95% of your operating-related questions. You can go to our documents page and acquire a free digital copy of the Heil Durapack 5000 rear loader garbage truck manual. We recommend printing it out and keeping a physical copy inside the truck compartment. An operator may need to reference it while on a route. Topics covered in the manual include:

  • Daily checks and inspections
  • Operating in-cab control panel
  • Hydraulic functions
  • Loading and unloading refuse
  • Lowering / Locking the tailgate
  • Body preventative maintenance
  • Compressed natural gas fuel module

2020 Controller Refresh

It’s important to note that the 2020 Heil Durapack 5000 underwent a control refresh. The In-Sight display has been greatly revamped to streamline troubleshooting and diagnosis. More specifically, the system’s patented Cortex controller has been upgraded and no longer has a PDC box. In-cab switches are also now located within the In-sight display, eliminating the need for a separate auxiliary switch.

The new system is user-friendlier but will require some adjustment for those who are accustomed to the old controller layout. Refer to the user manual for full instructions on the In-Sight display operation controls.

In addition, you can also visit Heil’s Service Shack for full-length tutorial videos, which includes instructions for the In-Sight display.

Nexteligence Training

If you need further operation instructions, you can get certified by enrolling in Heil’s Nexteligence training programs. This is recommended for mechanics and operators alike who wish to become certified. Getting your operating crew certified is a great investment, as you’ll have an internal team that can train current and incoming staff on operation and maintenance fundamentals.

Modernize Your Fleet Today

Have you considered a garbage truck rental? We have rental plans available that make it affordable to perform a trial run on this reliable rear-loader. Contact us today to learn more.

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