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How To Operate a Heil Durapack 5000 Rear Loader Truck

The world of garbage trucks has come a long way in terms of technological advancements. Today’s rear-loader garbage trucks for rent, such as the Heil Durapack 5000, are equipped with cutting-edge features that cater to the modern demands of residential and commercial waste disposal. To make the most of this reliable refuse truck, operators must take the time to familiarize themselves with its operation fundamentals

Refer to the User Manual: Your Bible for Operation and Troubleshooting


The user manual is a treasure trove of information containing essential instructions for operating the Heil Durapack 5000 and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. For easy access, you can obtain a free digital copy of the manual from our documents page.

We highly recommend printing out a physical copy and keeping it inside the truck compartment. This way, operators can refer to it while on their routes and find resolutions to their operating-related questions.

The user manual covers various topics, including:

  • Daily checks and inspections
  • In-cab control panel operations
  • Hydraulic functions
  • Loading and unloading refuse
  • Tailgate lowering and locking
  • Body preventative maintenance
  • Compressed natural gas fuel

The 2020 Controller Refresh: Streamlined Troubleshooting with the In-Sight Display

The Heil Durapack 5000 underwent a control refresh in 2020, significantly improving the In-Sight display. Troubleshooting and diagnosis have been streamlined for enhanced efficiency. The system’s patented Cortex controller has been upgraded, and the need for a PDC box has been eliminated. Furthermore, in-cab switches are now integrated into the In-Sight display, eliminating the requirement for a separate auxiliary switch.

While the new system is more user-friendly, operators familiar with the old controller layout may need some time to adjust. We recommend referring to the user manual for full instructions on operating the In-Sight display. Additionally, Heil’s Service Shack offers comprehensive tutorial videos that cover various aspects, including instructions for the In-Sight display.

Nexteligence Training: Becoming Certified for Enhanced Operations

For operators and mechanics who seek further operation instructions and wish to become certified, Heil offers Nexteligence training programs. This certification is a valuable investment, as it empowers your operating crew to train both current and incoming staff on operation and maintenance fundamentals. By having an internal team with advanced knowledge, you can ensure seamless and efficient operations, leading to increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Modernize Your Fleet: Experience the Reliability of the Heil Durapack 5000

If you are considering upgrading your fleet with a rear loader truck rental, Big Truck Rental offers rental plans that allow you to experience the exceptional capabilities of the Heil Durapack 5000 without the long-term commitment of outright ownership.

With flexible short-term and long-term rental agreements, you can choose the timeframe that suits your needs. Additionally, our quick delivery service ensures you can use the truck as soon as possible to meet seasonal or urgent demands quickly.


Enjoy a Rewarding Experience with the Heil Durapack 5000 Rear Loader Truck


Operating the Heil Durapack 5000 Rear Loader Truck can be a rewarding experience, especially when you are familiar with its features and functions. Operators can become proficient in operating this advanced garbage truck by referring to the user manual, adapting to the 2020 Controller Refresh, and considering Nexteligence training.

Whether you are an individual operator or managing a fleet, the Heil Durapack 5000 offers reliability, efficiency, and improved waste management capabilities. Consider renting this outstanding rear loader to elevate waste disposal operations and experience the difference firsthand.

Contact us today to learn more and take a step towards a more efficient and productive waste management solution.

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