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How To Operate a McNeilus Standard Rear Loader Garbage Truck

Modern garbage trucks, even those from the same manufacturer, can operate very differently. Each of our trucks requires time behind the wheel to really get comfortable with the operation fundamentals. The McNeilus Rear-Loader garbage trucks are no exception. Some functions, such as a cart tipper for residential pickups and a container tipper kick bar for commercial waste, are specific to the McNeilus Standard Rear Loader.

Here are some resources that will help first-time users and experienced operators alike hit the road with confidence behind the wheel of a rear loader.

Refer to the Manual First and Foremost

You need to look no further than the official McNeilus user manual for the standard rear loader. We have a digital copy of the instructional manual in its entirety in a convenient PDF format. The manual covers all aspects on how to operate, including the manufacturer-specific CODE controls. The in-cabin system is designed to make diagnostic and troubleshooting simple for operators and maintenance crew alike.

We recommend printing out the McNeilus Standard Rear Loader garbage truck manual and keep it on hand for your operators or maintenance crew to quickly reference. The operator’s manual covers the following models:

  • Standard Rear Loader
  • Rear Loader with Tag Axle
  • XC Rear Loader
  • XXC Rear Loader
  • HD Rear Loader
  • HD Rear Loader (3.5 YD Hopper)

Topics covered in the McNeilus Standard Rear Loader operator’s manual include:

  • Safety procedures
  • How to operate the instrument and control panel
  • Refuse loading / packing / ejecting
  • Operating optional equipment such as cart tipper, auxiliary axle, reeving cylinder, and water tank
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Lubrication
  • Troubleshooting

Additional Sources of Information

One of the reasons McNeilus is such a trusted brand is because it goes the extra mile when it comes to customer support. You can contact the manufacturer at any time with operational questions. You can also take advantage of a large library of troubleshooting videos.

If you require in-person support, you can visit any of a large number of McNeilus dealerships located throughout the U.S. In several states, they offer assistance via mobile technician.

Add a McNeilus Rear Loader to Your Fleet Today

Looking to upgrade or expand your fleet? A McNeilus standard rear loader garbage truck rental to improve efficiency and meet increased waste pickup demand. Contact Big Truck Rental to enquire about our flexible short- and long-term rental plans.

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