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How To Operate a Heil PT 1000 Rear Load Garbage Truck

Garbage truck controls are very brand-specific, and efficiency at operating one kind of truck won’t necessarily translate into operational knowledge of trucks from another manufacturer. To proficiently operate Heil PT 1000 garbage trucks requires some time behind the wheel and an in-depth review of the manual and other instructional resources.

Resources for Operating Instructions

The first and primary go-to source for operating instructions should always be the garbage truck manual. We provide a digital copy of the Heil PT 1000 rear loader garbage truck manual that you can view in PDF format and download. The manual includes comprehensive information on topics such as:

  • Daily inspection checklist
  • How to operate controls, switches, and indicator lights
  • Landfill/Recycle Center procedures
  • Parking the unit
  • Body and Tailgate props
  • Lubrication Guide

The on-route operation section of the manual provides instructions for loading refuse manually, as well as with a:

  • Reeving mechanism
  • Winch
  • Arm mechanism
  • Roll bar mechanism
  • Cart tipper

The resources don’t stop there. Heil’s official website includes a “Service Shack” section containing a library of operating and troubleshooting videos. The archives contain up-to-date and easy-to-follow tutorials on a wide variety of operational topics.


Heil’s resources go beyond the comprehensive Service Shack. To really become proficient at the PT 1000 rear loader, consider becoming a certified technician by enrolling in the manufacturer’s Nexteligence program. This program is designed for mechanics and maintenance crew, though operators can enroll as well.

The training consists of three separate programs: MAT, Responsive, and Connected-Tech Training.

  • MAT – Maintenance, Adjustment, and Troubleshooting (MAT) covers troubleshooting basics for rear, front, and automated side loaders. Training is done in-person in a facility located in Ft Payne, AL. Students receive certification upon successful completion.
  • Connected-Tech – As suggested in its name, the training covers the technical aspects of Heil garbage trucks. Four certification levels are available, ranging from the base Bronze entry-level to the advanced Platinum certification.
  • Responsive Training – this is an open-format, one-day training course where instructors cover materials based on student requests. Topics may cover a specific Heil truck model or an overview of other Nexteligence courses.

Expand Your Garbage Truck Fleet

Make Big Truck Rental your go-to source for expanding Rear loader your fleet. A Heil PT 1000 rear loader garbage truck rental increases your capacity for handling daily residential and commercial routes. Invest in the time to learn the basic operations of this reliable and trusted rear loader. Take advantage of our flexible contracts that satisfy short- and long-term rental needs. Contact us today for speedy assistance.

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