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Use Rear Loaders for Residential Garbage Truck Fleet Expansion

Whether you’re looking to expand your residential garbage truck fleet because the demand for waste collection has increased due to COVID-19 restrictions and quarantine, or because of other factors, rear loader rentals are a cost-effective solution to help you ramp up your business in both the short-term and long-term.

With more people staying at home due to COVID-19 shutdown orders, many waste and refuse services have been expanding their garbage truck rental fleet to meet increased pickup demands.

Rear Loader Garbage Truck Benefits

How is adding rear loader garbage trucks to your inventory advantageous?

  • Most rear loader trucks are designed for residential use, yet are versatile for handling commercial pickups to accommodate businesses that remain open.
  • Rear loaders can more efficiently navigate narrow streets and alleyways.
  • Most rear loader models have a low-set bin, making manual loading easier.
  • Most modern rear loaders have a comfortable ergonomic cabin and safety technology like emergency stop buttons and a back-up camera.

Should You Expand Your Fleet?

Assess your situation. How has COVID-19 impacted the community? Does city data show an increase in demand for waste and disposal services? If so, residential garbage truck fleet expansion may be necessary to keep up with the rising demand for residential and commercial collections.

Other considerations:

  •  Is your fleet up to date? Is it equipped with the latest safety technology and time-saving features (i.e., faster hydraulic arm)?
  • Have you reached or exceeded company goals with your existing fleet? Fleet expansion may help your company achieve faster route times, decrease downtime, and decrease maintenance.
  • Are older trucks in your fleet requiring more repair and maintenance than before?
  • Do you have a rear loader truck in your existing inventory at all? If not, now is a good time to rent one and try it out on your routes.
  • Has your contract recently extended to include additional routes over an expanding number of districts?
  • Have your operators complained about difficulties completing a route with the existing fleet?

Expand and Optimize Your Fleet Today

When circumstances lead to an uptick in demand, you want to have an expanded fleet to handle the increased residential and commercial pickups. Contact us at Big Truck Rental today to learn about our complete fleet garbage truck rental contracts. Our rental options accommodate your need, whether you require a rental short- or long-term.

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