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How to Operate a Peterbilt 567 Roll Off Garbage Truck

Succeeding in a competitive business like waste hauling takes hard work, perseverance, and versatility. That’s why here at Big Truck Rental we recommend the Peterbilt 567 roll off garbage truck to our customers. It has the cutting-edge features you want and the old-fashioned reliability you need.

Engineered for the 21st Century Business Environment

The Peterbilt 567 is made with a hyper-strong aluminum cab that provides rugged durability without the burden of needless weight. The pod-mounted headlamps are recessed into the vehicle and protected by watertight, corrosion-resistant materials.

The sloped Metton hood is both light and impact-resistant. Its low-profile design cuts wind resistance and enhances forward visibility. Plus, it swings open a full 90°, giving drivers and maintenance techs easy access to key service points.

A Wide Choice of Engine Options

The Peterbilt 567 is available with a wide range of engines, from a 400 power natural gas version to a 500 hp PAACAR MX-13 with 500 horses and 1850 ft.-lb. of torque. This makes it easy to balance power with fuel economy.

Switches That Are Easy to Access

Peterbilt designed the 567 so that the driver can control the PTO speed with either the throttle pedal or the in-dash console. You can also opt for exterior controls if you want to operate the PTO functions from outside the cab.

An Ergonomic, User-Friendly Control Panel

Hauling waste is hard enough as it is. Why add needless complexity to the job? The Peterbilt 567 features large, backlit gauges, ergonomic controls, and a fully adjustable steering column. There’s plenty of legroom to satisfy even the tallest drivers, along with comfortable seating that makes the 567 a pleasure to operate.

A Beauty to Behold

A truck’s appearance says a lot about the company that operates it. That’s why Peterbilt offers the 567 in a Heritage Edition that features gleaming bumpers, exhaust stacks, hood latches, and air intake bezels. Want to keep your 567 looking its best? Simply break out your garden hose and give it a squirt.

Built in Texas for Use around the World

The Peterbilt 567 is built in Texas by skilled craftspeople to world-class standards. You can feel good knowing that you’re helping to keep our economy strong, even as you enjoy the benefits of American-made quality.

Want to Know More? Just Check the Operator’s Manual

You probably have more questions about the Peterbilt 567 than we’re able to answer here. That’s why we invite you to check out the official Peterbilt 567 operator’s manual.

Still want to know more? Get in touch with us today to learn about all the benefits of Peterbilt garbage truck rentals. A long- or short-term rental from Big Truck Rental can help you operate your business more smoothly and profitably than ever before.

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