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3 Advantages of Renting a Grapple Garbage Truck

Grapple garbage trucks are a great way to expand your company’s range of services. Their chief innovation is a unique jointed arm that resembles a backhoe but has a hand-like pincer at the end instead of a dirt-digging scoop.

This feature allows the equipment to lift heavy, bulky items and deposit them into the vehicle’s waste bin. Controlling the arm is well within the learning curve of most garbage truck operators.

So why should you add grapple trucks to your fleet? Here are three advantages they offer.

Advantage #1: Added Versatility

Most mechanized garbage trucks are designed for handling municipal waste containers. But many types of refuse are either too large or too oddly shaped to fit within a standard receptacle.

Examples include building rubble, fallen trees, discarded appliances, and castaway furnishings. Having the ability to transport this waste is a great way to diversify your income stream and outdo your competitors.

Advantage #2: Improved Safety

Bulk waste removal can come with serious safety hazards. Take, for example, the risk that comes with a large crew collecting debris alongside a busy highway, or the possibility of exposure to contaminated materials when debris has to be removed by hand. Back injuries, muscle strains, and cuts or abrasions are added dangers.

An effective way to minimize these risks is with grapple garbage truck rental. By using the equipment to “grapple” with heavy or odd-shaped refuse, jobs that in the past would have required a multi-person crew now only require one operator working from the cab, keeping your employees safely out of harm’s way and helping to avoid costly worker’s compensation claims.

Advantage #3: The Ability to Meet Unexpected Challenges

Tornadoes, hurricanes, and other freak weather events occur on a regular basis, often with little or no warning. Cleaning up after these terrible misfortunes is a job that’s tailor-made for storm cleanup garbage trucks equipped with grapple arms.

Sinkholes, collapsed bridges, earthquakes, and fires also take a serious toll on our society every year. Removing the debris left behind by these disasters is another job that’s perfect for grapple garbage trucks.

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

Safety, versatility, and the opportunity to meet unforeseen challenges—these are great reasons to add grapple-enabled vehicles to your fleet of emergency disasters garbage trucks. But what if you only need these vehicles for short- or long-term basis ? How can you avoid huge cash outlays or long-term financial commitments?

That’s where our garbage trucks for rent come into the picture. We offer flexible, affordable plans to companies just like yours. Contact us today to learn more.

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