Emergency Garbage Truck Rental to the Rescue

Virtually nowhere on planet Earth is immune from natural disasters. Whether it’s the punishing winds of a hurricane or tornado, flooding caused by heavy rains, raging wildfires, or even devastating earthquakes, the clean-up can often require a major effort from both government agencies and private companies. As soon as first responders declare the emergency over, waste management moves in to handle what is often an extremely difficult job. When disasters like these strike, you may find you need more trucks to haul massive amounts of debris away and help people get their lives back to normal. This is where Big Truck Rental comes in. With our short term rental program, you can add a dependable, state of the art truck to your fleet to assist in disaster relief and their eventual rebuilding. Getting a city or town back on its feet after a major storm, fire, tsunami or quake is a tall task. With an expanded fleet, smart planning, and a little elbow-grease, your company can play a major part in the clean-up effort.

Are Short Term Emergency Garbage Truck Plans Right for You?

If your fleet’s capabilities are maxed out, the short answer is; yes. When there’s a job to be done, there’s money to be made. Of course, once a disaster area has been cleared, your services may no longer be needed. Short term rental plans are ideal for disaster relief, a large construction project, or a seasonal spike in refuse collection needs. Even if you do have enough trucks for the task, you have to plan for routine maintenance, as well as unexpected mechanical problems. When you rent emergency refuse trucks from Big Truck Rental, you’ll have the flexibility you need to provide reliable standard service to your customers and take part in the clean-up of a disaster area, even if some machines are sidelined for repairs. Whether you’re a town, city, or county waste management official in charge of removing debris from a hard-hit area, or a private company contracted to help with a brilliantly coordinated disaster relief plan, you’ll find expanding your fleet with short term rentals makes financial sense, and will help you get the job done right.

How Do Short Term Rentals Work?

An industry-leader, servicing both the U.S. and Canada, Big Truck Rental specializes in getting modern, well-built designs to the people who need them; when they need them. Many emergency truck rentals can be delivered within 48 hours. That means you can get to work ASAP. You’ll get a jump on the competition, and help a community recover faster than ever before. If you’re looking to upgrade your fleet for one to six months, short term rentals are the way to go. Big Truck Rental also leaves the door open to rent-to-purchase our trucks, in case you decide to take on new jobs after the storm or quake has been cleaned-up, or just replace an older model in your fleet. Even if your company is waiting on financing paperwork to go through, or dealing with late delivery of new trucks, short term plans can help fill gaps in your service. You’ll take on extra jobs and continue service on your standard routes without missing a beat. Have a question about the terms of these 1-6 month contracts? Contact Big Truck Rental and learn more about these helpful rental plans.

Models Available for Disaster Relief Rentals

Not all emergencies are the same. High winds can cause large pieces of debris like downed tree limbs to litter the ground, while floods create mountains of trash bags as people clear our ruined possessions from their basements. Thankfully, Big Truck Rental offers a range of different models for all your waste management needs. We only offer dependable designs from trusted manufactures, and the average age of our inventory is less than 24 months. This means your company will be receiving a modern and reliable truck that’s comfortable to ride in, has a large storage capacity, and is highly efficient. Models available include:

Front Loaders: 40 yard McNeilus Atlantic and Heil Half Pack Bodies on Mack and Peterbilt Tandem Axle Chassis. These trucks are ideal for use with standard dumpsters. They’re great for commercial trash pickup too.
Rear Loaders: 20 and 25 Yard Heil PT 1000/Durapack 5000 and McNeilus 2010/2511 Bodies on Freightliner and Peterbilt Chassis. Rear Loaders are easy to load by hand. They’re perfect for clean-ups that involve smaller pieces of debris, and residential pickup.
Side Loaders: 28 Yard McNeilus Zero Radius and Heil Python Bodies on Peterbilt and Mack Chassis. These trucks are designed to grab and dump bins over the side. They’re also ideal for everyday residential trash collection.
Roll-Offs: Galbreath 60,000 lb. Standard Outside Rail Hoist with Auto Tarping System on Conventional Cab Freightliner, Peterbilt, and Mack Chassis. These large roll-off containers can be filled by relief workers and retrieved when they’re full. They’re also good for construction sites, once the rebuilding begins.

Disasters do happen, and waste management professionals are there to help with the recovery. If you need to increase your capabilities to deal with an emergency, contact Big Truck Rental today. We’ll make getting started on a tough job easier than ever.