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Labrie Side Loader Truck Technical Support

In the refuse vehicle industry, Labrie is synonymous with quality. That’s why municipalities and private companies that are looking to increase the efficiency of their collection routes often look to this manufacturer’s superb vehicles. If you are thinking of adding a Labrie side loader refuse truck to your fleet, then one of your first questions is likely to be about the technical support that will be available to you. Here is a brief look at the Labrie side loader garbage truck support services.

24-hour support

Labrie maintains a 24-hour support system, seven days a week, to respond to questions from customers. They can also provide technical support as well as replacement parts for your Labrie truck when needed.

Training videos

Labrie has also made a series of useful training videos available to customers through its official YouTube channel. If you are simply looking for a quick answer to a minor technical question, such as what to do if you have an active tailgate open alarm, then this can be the most efficient way to find it.

Premium distributor

In addition to its own technical support services, Labrie also works with dozens of premium distributors of its products throughout North America. These distributors have received training that qualifies them to provide you with expert technical service. If you are in need of urgent technical service for a Labrie vehicle that you own, then you may want to contact your distributor.

If you are looking for a convenient alternative to purchasing new vehicles for your fleet, consider the benefits of Labrie garbage truck rental. When you work with Big Truck Rental, you can always count on getting qualified maintenance support from our team. We have the knowledge and experience needed to ensure that you can always have your technical questions answered right away.

Questions about Labrie side loader garbage truck support?

If you have any questions about our waste management side loader garbage truck solutions, then don’t hesitate to connect with Big Truck Rental today. We are proud to be your No. 1 technical resource when it comes to our rental trucks. You can reach us at any time by calling or contacting us through our website.

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