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What Are the Rent-to-Purchase Garbage Truck Plan Maintenance Obligations?

When you choose a rent-to-purchase agreement for a garbage truck, you have a contractual obligation to care for the vehicle while it’s in your possession. Your rent-to-purchase garbage truck obligations are outlined in the agreement form. As a renter, you will know exactly what is expected in terms of daily maintenance and general care.

Why Maintenance Is a Fundamental Obligation

A rent-to-purchase plan allows renters to test the latest trucks and compare features and performance between trustworthy brands. If you think the truck is a valuable asset for your fleet, then you have the option to purchase the vehicle, with a portion of the rent fee applied towards the purchase price.

If using a truck that you may potentially own down the line, wouldn’t you treat it as if you were already the owner? Even if you decide not to purchase, you still want the truck to operate in peak condition while it’s a temporary addition to your fleet. It deserves the same attention to care as the rest of the garbage trucks in your inventory.

What Are Your Obligations?

Modern garbage trucks have many similarities but are never identical to one another. This is why we can’t outline a universal maintenance guideline that applies across the board. Instead, we point customers to the rent-to-purchase truck rental manuals on our maintenance page. The page contains downloadable manuals for each of the garbage trucks we have on inventory. The manuals are your go-to source for general maintenance, operation instructions, and safety protocol.

While you should always refer to the manuals, some of the more general care requirements include a daily inspection of the cooling system, chassis, forks, cylinders, tires, brakes, axles, and fluid filters. Keep a written record of all pre- and post-operation inspections. We recommend using commercial vehicle maintenance software; this makes it easy to track and share maintenance data in real-time.

Secure a Rental Truck in 48 Hours or Less

Efficiency is paramount in the waste and refuse industry. With a rent-to-purchase plan, you can test the latest garbage truck models in a real-world setting. If the vehicle is a good fit, transition from a renter to owner. Regardless of whether you purchase or not, remember that you have a contractual responsibility to perform basic upkeep and maintenance. To learn more about rent-to-purchase plans or truck maintenance, contact Big Truck Rental.


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