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Rear Loader Garbage Truck Safety

Due to the sheer size and weight of garbage trucks, safety must be a topmost concern for operators. When you rent a rear loader garbage truck from Big Truck Rental, we make sure you have all the information you need to ensure your workers’ safety and that of the public. See below for a checklist of recommended rear-loader safety tips.

Safety Technology at a Glance

Safety technology and features differ between models and manufacturers. Nevertheless, there are some safety specs that are uniform across all modern garbage trucks. Rear loader truck safety equipment should include some variation of the following:

  • Dual emergency stop button – this can be pressed by the operator to immediately halt operation of functions like the compactor and hydraulic lift arm
  • Backup cameras – allow the operator to detect people and objects while backing up. As an extra precaution, though, a live guide should still be present if available.
  • Safety decals – alerts pedestrians to maintain a safe distance; also makes certain parts of the truck more visible.

Safety Practices

Rear loader garbage truck safety is not just about the technology. The operator also needs to fully utilize their eyes, ears, and experience to safely navigate a bulky commercial truck. Here are some general safety practices to bear in mind:

  • A rear loader truck’s weight is mostly concentrated on the front when it’s empty and reverses when its hopper nears capacity. Drivers need to alter the way they control the truck in accordance with the changing weight distribution.
  • Pay attention when driving over soft road conditions, which makes the truck more prone to a rollover.
  • Despite its massive size, garbage trucks are not designed for towing another vehicle. Never treat the vehicle as a tow truck.
  • For non-driver crew members, never ride in the hopper or loading sill.
  • Your city’s road laws apply to operators just as they do to civilian motorists. This means refraining from phone use, buckling up, etc.
  • Perform a pre-trip inspection. Parts to be inspected include the suspension, joints, and any area with moving parts or that requires lubrication. A supervisor should be present to sign off on the inspection.

Call Big Truck Rental Today

We can answer any questions regarding a rear loader’s safety technology and how to operate the truck. Call Big Truck Rental and ask about our rear loader garbage truck rental options. Contact us regarding our flexible complete fleet and instant rental contracts.

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