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McNeilus Rear Loader Truck Technical Support

McNeilus is a respected industry truck manufacturer with a fierce dedication to customer support and satisfaction. From built-in diagnostic and troubleshooting systems designed with operators and maintenance crew in mind, to the comprehensive Street Smart training course, Big Truck Rental customers have the resources needed when they rent a McNeilus rear loader garbage truck.

McNeilus Puts the Control in Your Hands

With McNeilus rear loader garbage trucks, it’s all about making the operators self-reliant. This is made possible with the brand’s patented CODE Control. An acronym for Controls On Demand Environment, CODE is a control system present in recent-model McNeilus trucks and provides complete diagnostics, allowing operators to efficiently troubleshoot from inside the cab.

Blown fuse? Now you don’t have to waste time searching for it, as the CODE system identifies it for you immediately. The start-up display screen also gives you pre-trip reminders so that you can avoid major issues while on your route. With real-time vehicle status messages, you always know the condition of your truck.

Become Certified as a McNeilus Technician

Your maintenance crew is encouraged to sign up for the McNeilus Street Smart program. This is a comprehensive hands-on course where technicians are trained to diagnose McNeilus rear loaders using a number of electronic and hydraulic schematics. Students are given troubleshooting methodologies and protocols to address every situation using a manufacturer-approved, step-by-step approach.

Contact the manufacturer to enquire about the schedule of courses, which are held in major U.S. cities, such as Houston, TX, Stockton, CA, and Lakeland, FL.

McNeilus Offers Around-the-Clock Technical Support

Even with CODE and certified technicians, problems may still occasionally arise that have your operators and crew stumped. In this situation, contact the manufacturer directly. You will be put in touch with a McNeilus rear loader garbage truck support administrator for immediate assistance.

If you need in-person support, you can visit a Rush Truck Center or TEC Equipment location throughout the western United States. The technicians at these locations will be more than happy to provide a helping hand.

Call Big Truck Rental Today

When you partner Big Truck Rental, our team has the knowledge and experience to answer most technical questions, as we have had McNeilus garbage trucks in our inventory for many years. A McNeilus garbage truck rental is the first step to improving the efficiency and profitability of your refuse removal business. Contact us Big Truck Rental for garbage truck rental options today.

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