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Heil Rear Loader Truck Technical Support

Heil is a garbage truck manufacturer known for industry-leading innovation and customer service that goes well above-and-beyond the norm. In recent years, the manufacturer has expanded its already-extensive tech support resources with the inclusion of Nexteligence™ training and its Service Shack.


If your disposal service has an in-house maintenance team, then it’s highly recommended that they enroll in the Heil Nexteligence training program. They will gain valuable knowledge on how to address the most common technical issues. This eliminates the need to seek outside support and drastically reduces downtime. You get your Rear Loader truck back on the road faster.

Currently, Nexteligence courses cover training for the following rear loaders:

Nexteligence also offers three separate course categories, each with its own set of training material and course certification.

  • Maintenance, Adjustment, and Troubleshooting (MAT) Training – This is a hands-on-heavy training course with a recently revised curriculum.
  • Responsive Training – This is similar to MAT training but with a more unstructured and open-format environment. Instructors cover topics based on student requests.
  • Connected Tech Training – This course covers foundational industry material, such as product and industry safety, general maintenance, and electrical troubleshooting. Knowledge gained from this course is applicable to Heil and non-Heil trucks. Four certification levels are available.

Visit the Heil Service Shack

For further guidance, visit the Heil Service Shack. This is the manufacturer’s go-to source for technical and service videos to ensure maintenance work is done in accordance with manufacturer specifications. At the Service Shack, you will find an archive of information-rich tutorials, such as:

  • How to use the brand’s H.A.L.O Semi-Autonomous controls
  • Disconnecting and reconnecting the Curotto-Can
  • Lift arm preventative maintenance
  • How to use the Heil In-Sight Display

The key is to provide consumers with how-to instructions so they can be self-reliant and not incur excessive downtime trying to learn how to operate Heil Rear Loader controls or fix a common operating issue.

Direct Assistance

Even with Nexteligence training and the Heil Service Shack, some operators will still have questions, which is why Heil provides live technical support via phone. The company has technicians available during business hours that can be reached to answer troubleshooting and operation-related questions.

If you need live assistance, a number of Heil dealers are available throughout the United States. Check if there’s a dealer near your area for in-person support.

Big Truck Rental Is Here to Help

When you rent from Big Truck Rental, we are available as another reliable source of tech support. Call us today to learn about our convenient range of refuse truck rental solutions. Contact us today to learn about our short-term and long-term rental options.

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