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Rear Loader Garbage Truck Advantages and Disadvantages

Whether you’re new to the game, or a seasoned veteran of the waste management industry, you know that rear loader garbage trucks play an important role in any fleet. Probably the most iconic garbage truck design, the classic rear loader has been on the job for the better part of a century. While modern trucks, like those available from Big Truck Rental, are packed with high-tech features and more powerful compactors, the general concept remains the same; make it easy for sanitation workers to load the truck by hand. Of course, rear loaders aren’t perfectly suited for all situations. Here a summation of the advantages of the popular rear loader garbage truck design.

Rear Loader Garbage Truck: The Pros

Rear loader garbage truck specialties include residential curbside trash collection, and helping to clear small to moderate-sized debris from a construction site, or after a storm hits your area. A low collection bin means workers don’t have to lift heavy loads over their heads. A crew can quickly and easily pick up trash from an entire residential neighborhood. For handloading, nothing beats the rear loader design. These versatile trucks can also be fitted with hydraulic arms that empty small- to mid-sized garbage cans into the collection bin. The latest trucks feature a large storage capacity, are fuel-efficient, and offer comfortable cabins. It’s easy to see why they are so highly regarded in the trash collection industry.

Rear Loader Garbage Truck: The Cons

The chief drawback to rear loader designs is the inability to empty large dumpsters. Often, both businesses and construction sites will prefer to use dumpsters. They can fill up dumpsters at their own rate, and count on regular pickups to empty them. Front loaders are better suited for picking up commercial dumpsters. It’s easier to position the truck when you can see the target dumpster clearly in front of you, and front loaders feature powerful arms that can hoist and empty much heavier loads. Side loaders are also sometimes preferred for residential pickup in areas that require trash to be put in a bin or can on the curb.

If you’re looking to expand your fleet, Big Truck Rental can help. A leading provider of garbage trucks to rent in the US and Canada, we carry a full line of the latest rear loader, side loader, and front loader designs, as well as roll-off trucks that are perfect for demolition sites. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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