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Signs of Rear Loader Compactor Failure

Every waste management company knows it; at the end of the day, your garbage trucks are the backbone of your business. Providing quick, efficient and timely refuse collection to your customers requires a fleet of dependable vehicles. Rear loaders, ideal for residential routes, are often responsible for the majority of your clients. Take it from the experts at Big Truck Rental, if you start to notice a rear loader truck acting up, you need to begin repairs immediately. Rear loader garbage truck problems can turn a modern, highly efficient truck into nothing more than a small capacity dumpster on wheels. The sooner you detect and fix a problem, the sooner your trash hauling capacity will return to normal.

What to Look and Listen For

  • Hydraulic Pump Runs Loudly: This could be a sign that you need to change or add oil, or that there’s a problem with air getting into the pump. Service it quickly before it leads to pump failure.
  • Compaction Plate Vibrates: You may have a problem with an individual hydraulic cylinder. Make sure all pumps and cylinders are functioning as normal.
  • Capacity Seems to Decrease: This could be caused by decreased power from your hydraulics, or may mean that your safety valves need to be recalibrated.
  • Leaking Hydraulic Fluid: Find the source of the leak immediately. Without proper pressure in the hydraulic lines, your compactor will not function efficiently.

What to do Next

If you’re noticing rear loader garbage truck compactor failures, or if something else out of ordinary is happening, you need to get it serviced as soon as possible. A short-term rear loader rental is a great way to meet your customers’ needs while you do maintenance on your fleet. Sometimes it makes more sense to continue renting than it does to invest in costly repairs. Operating throughout the U.S. and Canada, Big Truck Rental can deliver a modern, durable rear loader garbage truck to your business, often in 48 hours or less. Contact us today and we’ll discuss your waste hauling needs. Compactors do occasionally break down, but your company doesn’t have to miss a beat. Whether you need a quick short-term replacement for a truck that you own or would like to expand your fleet with a long-term rental, we’ll be able to help.

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