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How Can a Municipal Garbage Truck Rental Plan Help Cut Costs?

Many waste hauling companies are employed by the city or are a branch of the city’s departmental services. Regardless, the amount spent by the waste disposal division transfers over to the municipality. One way to cut down costs in this area is through truck rental. Find out how this can significantly cut back on city operational spending.

Waste Disposal Costs

Most residential areas have a weekly garbage pickup service. The service is paid for by the city government, with the money coming from the residents’ taxes or a bill for services. A municipal garbage truck budget can differ vastly depending on multiple factors, such as:

  • The city’s size
  • The city’s fleet condition
  • The city’s budget
  • Total number of residences and businesses that must be served

Every year, a budget proposal will have to be allocated to this area of service. Naturally, city officials will have to come up with solutions to cut back on spending. How can this be achieved?

How to Reduce Waste Disposal Spending

As mentioned briefly, one method is via renting a truck as opposed to owning. Renting doesn’t even have to make up your entire fleet. Most companies, in fact, have a combination of owned and rented trucks.

How does renting help save money? It does so through several means, some more direct while others are more indirect. Consider these factors:

  • Renting on a short-term basis prevents downtime in the event of a sudden truck breakdown. Downtime is among the biggest causes of operational cost increases in many industries.
  • Renting enables cities to test new front-loaders, rear-loaders, etc. This helps determine whether the truck is worth a purchase.
  • Renting saves costs associated with vehicle ownership. Like a civilian vehicle, garbage trucks depreciate over time and also require repairs and tune-ups.
  • Renting ensures access to the latest models. Newer trucks have new technology that enables quicker operation, better fuel efficiency, etc.

Other Ways to Cut Cost

Renting is by no means the only way to cut back on costs. Other ways include better employee training, which reduces accidents and downtime. Revising travel routes may be another key, as is changing pickup times (perhaps when there is less traffic.)

Big Truck Rental Slashes Your Spending

Feel free to contact Big Truck Rental whether you’re a waste haul company or city representative. Our inventory includes reputable brands and trucks no more than 24-months old. Our vehicles, if part of a strategic money-saving initiative, can help cut back on municipal garbage truck costs.

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