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What Is the Minimum Contract Length of an Instant Garbage Truck Rental?

An instant garbage truck rental is a safety net of sorts. It ensures you have speedy access to a refuse truck should the unexpected occur, such as a sudden breakdown of an owned truck within your fleet or delayed repairs. What exactly is the instant garbage truck rental minimum contract length? Surely, you don’t want to hold onto a rental truck for months on end when you only need it for weeks or a month.

What Is the Shortest Possible Rental Length?

Unlike your mobile phone service, you are not bound by year-long contracts, at least not if you rent through Big Truck Rental. We do have long-term contracts, so you may certainly elect for longer rental lengths if you so choose.

Our on-demand garbage truck rental agreement is flexible and accommodates the need of our clients, whether they need a rental for a month or for more than a year. This goes for all the truck types and manufacturers in our inventory, including front-loaders, rear-loaders, side-loaders, and more.

Some of our clients have rented a truck from us for just a single waste-hauling period. Our contracts allow for rent periods lasting as short as 1 month. For rentals lasting just a month, our short-term contracts provide the ideal solution.

Situations That Require Short-Term Rental

Many refuse companies find themselves in situations requiring a temporary truck replacement. Scenarios include:

  • An unexpected truck breakdown
  • A truck currently under repair that is taking longer than anticipated
  • The delivery of a recently purchased truck is hit with delays

In all the above scenarios, you clearly do not need a rental for a year or probably not even a few months. This is why it’s important to have a contract that doesn’t have a set minimum rental period. From experience, we know more often than not that renters usually don’t know how long they’re going to need the equipment. Having to hold onto it longer than necessary is just a waste of money.

Rent from Big Truck Rental

Need a rental garbage truck and need it fast? Contact Big Truck Rental today. Do you need a rental for a month, perhaps longer? If you’re not certain how long you will need a rental, that’s perfectly fine too. We understand that factors like repairs and new truck deliveries don’t always operate on a set timeframe. That’s why our on-demand garbage truck rental minimum contract length is open-ended based on user needs.

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