Jaksa Panic Vice President of Canada's Big Truck Rental
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Jaksa Panic named Vice President of Canada’s Big Truck Rental

 Jaksa Panic named Vice President of Canada’s Big Truck Rental


Big Truck Rental, LLC. announced that Jaksa Panic has been promoted to Vice President of Canada’s Big Truck Rental. Jaksa joined Canada’s Big Truck Rental in June of 2017 as Director of Sales where he has led the growth of the organization’s sales efforts.

“I am excited for the opportunity to continue building on our success within Canada. We have an excellent team in place, and we all look forward to taking the next steps in growing the business. Our number one goal is to always add value to the countless haulers and municipalities we have the pleasure of working with” said Jaksa.

“Jaksa has been extremely successful in supporting and growing our Canadian footprint by building relationships and partnerships across the country.  His ability to not only grow sales, but to lead people and take the initiative to run our Canadian business made this an easy decision for the executive team.  His new role will allow him to focus on making decisions that will best support our employees, customers, and partners in our effort to be the leader in providing total fleet solutions to the marketplace” said Zach Martin, VP of Sales – North America of Big Truck Rental.

Scott Dols, Big Truck Rental’s Founder and CEO also added “Jaksa’s success over the last two years has put us in a great position to continue providing best in class service and his leadership provides a bright future for our company.”


Big Truck Rental is the industry leader in both rental and sales of late model front loader, side loader, rear loader, and roll-off refuse trucks in North America, all backed by a nationally serviced and supported fleet.  To find out more about Big Truck Rental, please visit us at bigtruckrental.com or routereadytrucks.com or contact us at btrsales@bigtruckrental.com or sales@routereadytrucks.com or 1 (844) 751-1177.

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