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How Quickly Can a Waste Hauler Get a Garbage Truck Rental?

Time is money. When you decide that a rental is the best route, you want the rental ready for pickup in as little time as possible. Any time spent waiting is time lost. This is why our on-demand garbage truck rental options are proven time-savers. We strive to keep process times to an absolute minimum so you can quickly test the rental on your regular scheduled routes.

How Long Is the Wait Time?

Multiple variables come into play, such as how quickly you can provide the required paperwork. Wait times are also dependent on truck availability. If a desired model is currently rented out, then you have to wait unless you are willing to settle for a similar model. We carry multiple garbage trucks of the same type, albeit from different manufacturers. This includes front-loaders, rear-loaders, side-loaders, and roll-off garbage trucks.

If you submit the documents in a timely manner and we have your desired model, we can usually have the truck ready for pick up within 48 hours.

We make every effort to be a quick garbage truck rental service. If you need an emergency temporary replacement, our staff can have a truck ready within this 48-hour timeframe.

The Requirements

Remember, a big part of the timing comes down to how fast you can provide the required documents. Fortunately, we don’t request a mountain of paperwork. Our requirements are straightforward and include the following:

• Insurance that covers a minimum $10 million in liability and physical damage.
• A signed copy of the rental agreement.
• A security deposit of $1,500. The deposit will be returned after the vehicle is returned and inspected.
• Payment made via cash, credit card, wire transfer, or cashier’s check.

Once you have submitted all of the above, we will make arrangements for a truck pickup or drop-off at your location.

We Provide Rental Garbage Trucks in a Timely Manner

Did one of your garbage trucks unexpectedly break down? A truck out of service can be a major blow to daily operations and revenue. The quicker you can acquire a rental, the sooner you can resume service. At Big Truck Rental, we provide immediate refuse truck rentals for waste hauling companies needing a last-minute replacement. Contact us if you need a rental and need it fast.

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