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Tips to Reduce Packaging Waste

Packaging generates a gargantuan amount of waste. This is especially so in the era of ordering goods online. A single delivery driver for Amazon, for example, delivers an average of 250 packages in a single shift. In 2017 alone, over five billion orders were placed through the online retail giant. That is a lot of packaging material in the form of cardboard, tape, Styrofoam, bubble wrap, etc. What can you do on your end to cut down on this needless waste?

Minimal Packaging

Use boxes closer to the size of the item being shipped. This saves on cardboard and all the other aforementioned packaging materials. It’s also smaller and lighter weight, enabling for more fuel-efficient delivery. If your business is in the supply/delivery sector, consider developing smaller boxes for shipment of small and single items, such as a bottle of vitamins.

Right Training

Establish a protocol for packaging goods. The guidelines should be specific and outline rules, such as:

  • Sealing a box (i.e., when to wrap tape completely around the box and when to use a single strip)
  • Use of bubble wrap vs. packaging Styrofoam
  • When an item can be delivered in a cardboard box instead of in a padded envelope
  • When to add additional material to the package (e.g., samplers, promotional postcards)

The guidelines should be available in print and kept in a visible area where the staff work.

Reuse and Recycle

Reuse packaging material whenever possible. If a cardboard packaging box is damaged, for example, instead of throwing it out, consider alternative uses for it. Perhaps it can be used to store office equipment in the backroom or flattened and used as a makeshift non-slip flooring for the assembly line workers.

Get Your Customers Involved

As a for-profit business, you want your customers to consistently place orders. However, do encourage bulk orders; a single delivery of a big package of multiple items saves resources. Multiple orders of single items increase packaging use and transport. Offer incentives for bulk orders by giving discounts or free shipment.

We Provide Commercial Refuse Trucks for Rent

Those in the waste haul industry can attest to how much packaging waste they handle on a daily basis. It’s part of the job, and our waste disposal trucks provide an efficient means of collecting, sorting, and handling common packaging materials whether they belong in the landfill or recycle center. Contact Big Truck Rental today to expand your fleet of mission-ready refuse trucks.

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