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What to Do with Waste During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us. Aside from the shopping, dinners, and carols, there is also a less glamorous side. With the holidays come increased waste. What becomes of the Christmas tree (both real and fake), the wrapping paper, and food scraps? Most find a permanent home in the landfill. While no one should minimize their fun, we can all be mindful of the excess waste produced during this time of year.

Wrapping Paper

This is one of the biggest contributors to holiday waste. Everyone likes to ponder what lies underneath the wrapping paper of the gift bearing their name. However, once that paper is torn away come Christmas morning, it often ends up in the trash.

If possible, open the paper wrapping as lightly as possible; this way, it can be reused. The same goes for bows, ribbons, and gift bags. As far as recycling goes, this is a tricky question. As a general rule, wrapping paper is recyclable if it’s unlaminated. If it’s laminated, metallic, or has a surface texture, then it’s not recyclable and belongs in the trash.

Christmas Tree

What do you do with your tree once January rolls around? Real trees are recyclable and can be shredded for wood chippings. Most municipalities have curbside recycling programs that collect fir trees free of charge and recycle them accordingly.

If you have a faux tree, consider storing it away for next year. Fake trees are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a form of plastic that is generally not recyclable. If you no longer need the tree, consider donating to a Goodwill or second-hand store. Disposal should be the last resort.

What about ornaments? Of course, most are stored away and reused. What about broken ones? Any ornaments made from plastic or glass are not recyclable and must be disposed of in the garbage. The same goes for Christmas lights.

Other Ways to Reduce Waste

Waste prevention is the most effective measure. Consider these ways to cut down:

  • Consider alternative gift ideas, such as homemade baked goods or tickets to a concert
  • Use simple greeting cards made from recyclable paper
  • For each person on your shopping list, consider one “big” gift instead of multiple small gifts
  • Donate unwanted gifts to charity

We Provide Modern Garbage Truck Rentals

Anyone working in the waste industry knows the drastic increase of incoming waste during the holidays. Yes, responsible waste management begins with the consumer, but it also falls on the waste haul sector. Our waste management truck solutions make the job more manageable. Contact Big Truck Rental if you require a rental this holiday to respond to the peak demand in waste management.

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