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Terminal Tractor – Using the Right Truck for the Job

A terminal tractor, also known as a “yard truck,” “yard spotter,” or “shunt truck,” is a vehicle designed to move semitrailers across the grounds of a distribution center, warehouse, or intermodal facility. Renting your terminal tractors from Big Truck Rental can help you to streamline your operations and get the most out of your capital investment. We offer both short- and long-term terminal tractor rental agreements along with tailored maintenance programs to fit your needs.

Why Terminal Tractors Are So Effective

Yard trucks were created to move trailers short distances from one cargo bay to the next. They can achieve this task more safely and effectively than any conventional semi-tractor. Here’s why:

  • Yard trucks have shorter wheelbases – giving them a much tighter turning radius.
  • Yard trucks can link up to a trailer’s kingpin automatically – rarely does the driver have to operate the landing dolly by hand.
  • Yard trucks have spacious wraparound windows – this allows the operator to see what’s going on outside the vehicle at all times.
  • Yard trucks have space-efficient operating cabs – reducing their visual profile.
  • Yard trucks use compact diesel engines and energy-saving equipment like LED lighting – minimizing their operational costs.
  • Yard trucks have a convenient rear-entry door – freeing the driver from the need to constantly climb in and out of the cab.
  • The skills needed to operate a yard truck can be learned in a few weeks – as opposed to the months or years required to become an OTR trucker.

Any of These Problems Sound Familiar?

To find out if you can benefit from our yard spotter truck rental program, ask yourself if you ever face headaches like these:

  • Lost productivity or missed schedules due to maneuvering semi-trailers in tight, narrow confines.
  • Damaged equipment or merchandise caused by collisions inside overcrowded facility property.
  • Injuries to your OTR drivers caused by landing dollies, kingpins, or climbing in and out of their truck to adjust trailer connections.

Benefits of Yard Truck Rental

Seasonal demand can shift dramatically, and renting a shunt truck from Big Truck Rental allows you to scale your operations up and down as needed, with no maintenance hassles or long-term obligation to worry about. We offer flexible rental periods that include short-term terminal tractor rentals, long-term agreements, and rent-to-purchase options. We can equip you with a single vehicle or an entire fleet, whatever you need.

Contact us today to take advantage of our instant shunt truck rental programs. For garbage trucks and more, rely on Big Truck Rental to move your business forward and grow your bottom line.

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