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Customer Spotlight: Charleston Environmental Management

Everyone at Big Truck Rental does everything they can to create the best customer experience possible, but our jobs are made easy by the customers and partners we get to work with. We want to give recognition to our amazing customers and partners who have helped us grow this company.

This Customer Spotlight goes out to Charleston County Environmental Management and their Operations Support Manager. We invite you to learn more about Charleston County Environmental Management below!

  • What company do you work for, how long have you been there, and what is your title?
    • Charleston County Environmental Management. I have been the Operations Support Manager here for 4 months
  • How long have you done business with Big Truck Rental?
    • 3 Months.
  • How has BTR positively impacted your business?
    • BTR has provided us with dependable trucks to ensure that we meet our operational needs
  • How would you describe your relationship with the people at BTR?
    • We have built a good relationship with the BTR team, they are professional, responsive, and have provided friendly and dependable service.
  • Provide examples of how BTR has delivered excellent customer service.
    • Scott Smith and Darin Ulrich are quick to respond to any concerns that we have, and they constantly demonstrate to us that our needs are important to them
  • Anything else you want to share?
    • The BTR team has done and excellent job in addressing our needs and providing quick solutions when we need them.

From everyone at Big Truck Rental, we wanted to say thank you to and the entire team at Charleston County Environmental Management. Thank you for working with us!

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