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What Are the Advantages of Heil Automated Side Loader Garbage Trucks?

For residential waste collection, Heil automated side loader garbage trucks are a standard-bearer for quality in the industry. These trucks are highly adaptable to different situations, and are compact enough to navigate even the most challenging roads.

Discover some of the most important advantages of using Heil’s top-grade side loader garbage trucks.

Automated side loader trucks are safer

Truck automation reduces the number of opportunities for on-the-job accidents by keeping operators out of the way of danger. Some of Heil’s automated side loader trucks, such as the Command-SST, offer joystick control to enable more precise control over the grabber and other functions, thus reducing the possibility of accidents. The Command-SST’s in-cab monitor allows operators to easily view refuse carts, making it easier to complete each stop safely.

Automated side loader trucks increase efficiency

Heil automated side loader trucks are known for their technical innovations, which can help save both time and money. For example, the DuraPack Python has a nine-foot automated arm with an eight-second lift cycle, which reduces the amount of time spent at each stop by four seconds. This adds up to as much as an hour saved every day, which can save up to $15,000 a year.

Heil’s Rapid Rail Automated Side Loader features a paddle packer that automatically cleans the hopper, keeping it clear for the collection of waste.

Automated side loader trucks require little maintenance

Garbage trucks experience a lot of wear and tear, so quality design is essential to ensure that each truck remains useful for many years. Toward that goal, Heil trucks are designed to be as low-maintenance as possible. For instance, the Command-SST’s design keeps the number of individual moving parts to a minimum, which reduces the opportunity for breakdowns. The DuraPack Python’s automated arm allows for smooth, cylinder-protected motion, reducing the amount of strain on the arm as it lifts.

Heil’s Operate-in-Gear-at-Idle System keeps the truck’s entire system operating at top capacity, so it does not need to be serviced as frequently.

If you want to keep your garbage collection routes running on schedule, then Big Truck Rental can help! We are proud to provide only state-of-the-art trucks, so you can always count on us. Contact us today to learn about Heil automated side loader garbage truck rental options, including short- and long-term rental agreements.

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