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Specifications of the Heil Python Side Loader

Heil’s DuraPack Python automated side loader garbage truck combines two incredible pieces of technology: Heil’s DuraPack body and the Python automated grappling arm. Together, they create one of the top automated side loader refuse trucks on the market today. Adding one of these vehicles to your fleet is a great way to expand your waste management company’s operations.

The Heil DuraPack Python Specifications

  • The Heil Python automated arm features a nine-foot-long reach and can lift up to 800 pounds. By completing its lift cycle in just eight seconds, the Python saves an average of one hour per day in operating time. Over the course of a single year, this can save you up to $15,000 in operating expenses.
  • The extra-large 5.2 cubic yard hopper can handle a wide range of container sizes, ranging from 30 to 96 gallons.
  • Heil’s DuraPack body uses a fully welded interlaced subframe to better resist body damage and corrosion. The body is constructed from 7-8 ga. high tensile strength steel, while the hopper is made from ¼” AR400 steel on the floor and 3/16” thick AR400 steel on the sides.
  • With the Shur-Lock tailgate, the payload is kept secure at all times with heavily reinforced locks. However, the driver can easily lock and unlock the gate safely from within the cab, rather than having to get out and circle around to the back.
  • The Heil DuraPack Python’s tailgate also features a 60-inch seal to keep liquids from leaking, preventing spillage and improving sanitation.
  • The operate-in-gear-at-idle system comes standard on all models, and reduces wear on the lift assembly, chassis, engine, and transmission. This feature also helps reduce noise pollution, making for a more comfortable driving experience and reducing disruption for the communities your company services.
  • On-board diagnostic tools let the operator troubleshoot mechanical issues and get back to normal operations quickly.
  • Also improving driver ergonomics is the full joystick controls that allow the operator to grab, dump, and return waste containers easily and intuitively. This also makes the DuraPack Python easier to train new drivers on, improving your operations tempo.
  • The rugged external finish helps protect against the elements and projects a sense of professionalism and reliability.

The only drawback to buying a new truck like Heil’s DuraPack Python is how expensive a purchase can be. The best way to mitigate that expense is by renting one from Big Truck Rental. Our garbage truck rental services let you add a new vehicle to your fleet without having to commit to a full purchase, for both short and long-term contracts. We also offer rental-to-purchase options on many of our trucks, so that if you end up enjoying your rental enough, you can make it a permanent addition to your fleet.

Our team is always ready to help you with your trucking needs, so give us a call or request a quote today and find out how!

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