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Renting Guide for a Side Loader Garbage Truck

Renting Guide for Side Loader Garbage Trucks

A side loader garbage truck is a reliable, ultra-efficient, powerhouse option for residential waste hauling routes. Here’s what to consider when choosing a side loader garbage truck rental for your fleet:

  • The type of loading arm the truck uses
  • The truck’s safety and convenience features
  • Whether a short-term, long-term, or rent-to-purchase option is right for your business

No matter what vehicle you ultimately choose, we invite you to learn more about our convenient and flexible side loader truck rental program. We offer a range of plans, whether you need the truck for a few months or over the long term. We carry top-quality vehicles built by leading manufacturers. Plus, we provide quick delivery, and we handle any repairs that may come along.

Get in touch with us today to take the next step. For now, let’s look at how to choose the right side loader garbage truck.

Choosing the Right Loading System

 Nothing beats an automated grab arm for handling heavy waste bins quickly and safely. Here at Big Truck Rental, we carry trucks equipped with the following types of loading systems:

  1. The Heil® Python – With an arm that reaches out up to 9 feet and can lift as much as 1600 pounds.
  2. The Labrie® Automizer – With an arm that reaches out to 12 feet and can lift up to 900 pounds when fully extended.
  3. The McNeilus® Zero Radius – This model is ideal for tight surroundings where waste bins are located right next to the curb.

Making Sure Your Truck Is Safe and Comfortable

Garbage truck operators work in all kinds of weather, on crowded city streets and surrounded by distracted motorists and pedestrians. They’ll do their jobs a lot better if you choose a vehicle with these features:

  • Intuitive, easy to operate controls.
  • Spacious interiors with comfortable seats and plenty of room to move around.
  • Exterior cameras with large, high-definition interior monitors.
  • Onboard safety equipment like a first-aid kit and fire extinguisher.

Here at Big Truck Rental, all of our side loader garbage trucks are outfitted with the latest advances and innovations. Ask your representative for the details when you talk to us.

Side Loader Garbage Truck Rental

Waste hauling is a capital-intensive industry. Spending a significant portion of your budget on a new sideloading garbage truck can make it difficult to meet your other obligations.

That’s why we’re excited to tell you about our side loader rental plans. They allow you to get the quality commercial vehicles you need without breaking your budget. You can choose our short-term, long-term, or rent-to-purchase plan, whichever works best for you.

During the rental period you simply use the vehicle in your daily operations and keep up with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance. We will handle any necessary repairs, in the unlikely event of mechanical trouble. Once you order a truck, you get immediate delivery (usually within 48 hours) with no wait time.

Now is the time to learn more about our trucks for rent and the advantages they offer. So contact us today to take the next step. You’ll soon be on the road to bigger profits.

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