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How to Save Money on Terminal Tractor Parts and Service

A great way to save money on terminal tractor parts and service is with fleet telematics, a high-tech solution that combines information technology and telecommunications to give you instant updates on your vehicles.

You can take full advantage of AutoCar’s fleet telematics system when you rent an ACTT terminal truck from Big Truck Rental. This means you’re getting more than a great vehicle. You’re also getting state-of-the-art technology that will help you to run your business more efficiently, and more profitably, than ever before.

Our yard truck experts can give you all the details when you get in touch with us. Below, we’ll go ahead and take an in-depth look at how AutoCar’s telematics system works.

How Fleet Telematics Works

A telematics system is tied directly into the vehicle’s diagnostic port, where it pulls important data like coolant temperature, fuel economy, and vehicle load. It also keeps track of any trouble codes that may pop up.

Equipped with this real-time information, fleet managers always know when one of their trucks needs regularly scheduled maintenance. This is a great way to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs.

A telematics system also uses GPS locators to keep tabs on the truck’s location and speed, so you’ll know where your vehicles are located and how fast they are moving.

It even monitors actions like quick turns and sudden braking, so you can acknowledge your conscientious drivers and provide helpful feedback to those who need a little coaching.

A telematics system works just as well for multiple trucks as it does for a single one. This means you can expand its use during periods of peak demand and scale it back when work slows down.

The system also organizes and differentiates the data stream from each truck, so you’ll never confuse one vehicle with another. There’s no better way to know what’s going on with your fleet from one moment to the next.

Fleet Telematics and Yard Spotter Truck Rental: The Winning Combination for Your Business

Here at Big Truck Rental, we include AutoCar’s fleet telematics system with every ACTT truck we rent. This allows you to get the real-time data you need to maximize efficiency and grow profits like never before. But telematics is just one of the benefits of our terminal tractors for rent. Others include:

  • Flexible terms – you can rent for the short term, the long term, or choose a rent-to-purchase arrangement.
  • Freedom from repair worries – in the unlikely event that your shunt truck does develop mechanical issues, we will fix the problem and restore the vehicle to proper working order at our cost, not yours.
  • Fast delivery of your new truck – so you can put it to work right away instead of waiting weeks or months.

Want to know more about our truck rentals and the advantages they offer? Contact us today for your customized quote. You’ll soon be on the road to bigger profits and lower operating costs.

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