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Automated Side Loader Garbage Truck Advantages

Garbage disposal is all about efficiency and timely delivery, which is all the more important in a residential setting. Not all garbage trucks are created equal, and some are more beneficial for a given work application. Residential disposal entails collection in alleyways, and this is where an automated side loader garbage truck may come in handy.

How an Automated Side Loader Works

Side loaders are precisely what their name suggests. The hydraulic arm that lifts the waste container operates from the side. The arm varies in lifting capacity but can lift as much as 1,600 pounds in higher-end models.
Disposal from the side is extremely useful in residential neighborhoods. The driver can just pull up to the side of the container rather than position the vehicle directly behind the vehicle.

Automated Side Loader Garbage Truck Advantages

What’s the benefit of having an automated side loader on inventory? As established, side loaders are beneficial for residential neighborhoods. Another significant advantage is that the vehicle only requires a single operator: the driver. It does not require a second person to manually empty the garbage container. A single operator means reduced overhead. It also eliminates common injuries associated with manual disposal. With repetitive overuse injury comes heavy medical costs. This also drastically reduces the risk of work-related fatalities. According to the Solid Waste Association of North America, there were seven sanitation worker deaths in the first 10 days of 2018 alone.

Automated side loaders are also beneficial for nonlinear streets, such as those in the shape of a curve or circular pattern. This increases your ability to serve areas not previously possible. Increase your routes and expand your presence in residential and commercial settings.
More industries are leaning towards automation. An automated side loader represents one step in that direction for the waste collection and disposal sector.

Streamline Your Waste Disposal Business

As with any industry, the goal is to provide timely service through improved operations. Investing in automated side loader garbage truck rental is one way to diversify your mode of operation. Please get in touch with Big Truck Rental; we serve both private and government-level disposal companies. This is an investment that will expand your outreach towards your community at large.

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