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What Are the Advantages of a McNeilus ZR Side Loader Garbage Truck?

Parked cars, cul-de-sacs, narrow roadways, and other challenges can increase the time it takes wastes haulers to finish their routes, reducing efficiency and cutting into your bottom line. Save time, money, and hassle with the McNeilus Zero Radius (ZR) Side Loader Garbage Truck, available in both short- and long-term rentals from Big Truck Rental. The outstanding feature of the McNeilus Zero Radius Side Loader is a special zero radius arm that makes it easier than ever to grab and lift refuse containers, even in tight spaces. Other advantages include:

  • Largest hopper in its class is always kept clear thanks to a fast-pack cycle
  • Picks up containers from 30- to 110 gallons
  • Electronic proportional controls that offer smooth, operate-at-idle capability

Perfect for dense residential routes

The traditional garbage truck arm swings in order to grab the refuse container, which means that it requires plenty of clearance at every stop. The great innovation of the McNeilus Side Loader Garbage Truck’s ZR arm is that it reaches rather than swings, so that it can easily pick up carts that are close together or that are surrounded by potential obstacles, such as parked cars. The arm is strong and can lift up to 110 gallons. There is also an optional 12-foot extended arm available to enhance the arm’s grabbing power.

Designed for maximum efficiency

The McNeilus ZR Side Loader Garbage Truck helps to ensure that every daily route can be completed as smoothly as possible. The ZR Series’ hopper—which is the largest in the industry—is continuously kept clean by the innovative packer panel system, which allows the truck to move swiftly from container to container without having to wait for the hopper to clear. The truck’s efficiency carries through to the end of the route: The ZR Series’ full-eject feature allows the truck to deposit waste at the landfill quickly and easily with a set of telescoping cylinders, without needing to tilt the vehicle.

Low-maintenance and eco-friendly

Along with boosting productivity, the ZR arm benefits from its simple design and straightforward movement, which reduce the need for maintenance. Since the arm is side-mounted, its motion is less likely to cause stress to the body of the vehicle. The McNeilus ZR Side Loader Garbage Truck is also designed to be as fuel-efficient as possible, since the Power-On-Demand system it uses reduces the energy waste caused by idling,

Do you want to enhance the efficiency of your waste collection route? Learn more about McNeilus automated side loader garbage truck rental options from Big Truck Rental. We offer different plans to meet our clients’ various needs and budgets, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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