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What Are the Requirements for a Short-Term Garbage Truck Rental?

The waste hauling industry can be unpredictable. It’s hard to predict when there will be a spike or lull in operations. This is why a typical long-term contract can be a financial risk for garbage disposal companies. At Big Truck Rental, we offer various types of garbage trucks for short-term rental plan. Find out what the short-term garbage truck rental requirements are and whether your company is eligible.

The Requirements

You will need to fill out a credit application, which must be completed in its entirety. This includes information on all partners, principles, and guarantors.

Next, you will need to complete a rental contract, which outlines the full terms and conditions of the agreement. Please take the time to read the provisions before signing off. The terms include important information on factors like liability, physical damage insurance, disclaimer warranties, workman’s compensation, and more. You are also obligated to maintain all rental equipment according to manufacturer recommendations. All of our manuals and master agreements are readily available on our site.

You can fill out both the credit application and rental contract at an office near you. Alternatively, you can print them out, fill them out, and email or fax them back to us.

Additional Provisions

With Big Truck Rental, our short-term garbage truck rental program qualifications are simple and straightforward. We require the following:

• Renters must have insurance that covers physical damage and minimum $10 million in liability.
• A $1,500 security deposit. This deposit will be returned once you return the vehicle and an inspection is completed.
• Payment via cash, credit card, cashier’s check, or wire transfers

In addition, renters are also responsible for all usage and maintenance costs, such as fuel, cleaning, oiling, and insurance claims. See our formal document outlining the full provisions of our rental requirements. The single-page document makes it simple to keep track of and fulfill your renter obligations.

We Provide the Best Garbage Truck for Short-Term Rental

Our inventory includes an assortment of automated front, rear, and side loaders from trusted industry brands. Once you fill out the application and everything is a go, we can process your application and have the truck ready for pickup or delivery within 48 hours. If you need a truck for a short period and need it fast, contact us to begin the application process.

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