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What Are the Roll-off Garbage Truck Specifications?

Big Truck Rental’s well-maintained fleet of roll-off trucks are ready for your next industrial load, natural disaster pickup, construction debris, or other heavy-duty jobs. No matter your need, Big Truck Rental has the roll off truck specifications desired by waste haulers, independent haulers, large organizations, and municipalities. With top-of-the-line Freightliner, Peterbilt, and Mack chasses, you can count on the latest in comfort and technology. Whether you need one truck or 100, Big Truck Rental could have the roll-off vehicles you need anywhere in the USA or Canada within 48 hours.

Galbreath Roll Off Truck Specifications

We rent dependable Galbreath U5-OR-174 trucks, with the following roll off truck specifications:

  • Age: Less than 24 months old
  • Outside rail hoist capability: 60,000 lb.
  • Front axle capability: 20,000 lb.
  • Rear axle capability: 46,000 lb.
  • Steerable drop axle capability: 20,000 lb.
  • Application: Commercial/Residential

Galbreath Roll Off Truck Features

The Galbreath U5-OR-174 comes with:

  • Outside rails
  • Inside air controls
  • Air shift PTO
  • Contoured steel tandem fenders
  • Hoist-up and back-up alarms
  • Recessed LED lights
  • Air actuated fold-up ICC bumpers
  • Ratchet-style rear hold-downs
  • Centered cab-mount power tower
  • Plug & play wiring system
  • Pintle-ready rear aprons
  • 50 gallon oil reservoir
  • 3-micron filtration system, dual viscosity oil
  • Field-tested heavy duty rear hinge
  • Hoist frames huck-bolted to chassis
  • Shock-absorbing sub-frame
  • Automatic front contained spring-loaded
  • Heavy-duty safety props
  • Pioneer 4500 SARG rack & pinion tarper
  • Offset stabilizer bar
  • External cylinders

Galbreath Roll Off Truck Dimensions

Consider the following roll off truck dimensions:

  • Total Body Length:
  • Overall width:
  • Container sizes: 18-22 ft.
  • Height above truck frame: 162 3/8”
  • Cab-to-trunion: 174”
  • Toolbox: 48” x 16” x 18”
  • Back of cab to hoist: 6”
  • Axle spread: 51-55”
  • Raised dump angle: 47”
  • Top-of-truck frame-to-ground: 44”
  • Tire OD to OD: 96” max
  • Hoist length: 279 7/16”
  • After-frame: 23-25”
  • Double-acting lift cylinders: 6” x 4” x 72”
  • Solid-lift cylinders shaft: 2.5”
  • Double-acting winch cylinders: 7” x 4” x 80”
  • Approximate weight: 7,562 lbs.

Why Waste Haulers Love Our Galbreath Roll-Off Trucks

Galbreath Outside Rail (OR) series hoists are the most popular type used in the waste industry today. Outside rail roll-off cable hoists in general are an industry standard, but the Galbreath roll-off trucks you rent from us come fully equipped with outside rollers that allow container long sills to transition across the hoist frame without metal-on-metal friction. The single winch cylinder design allows for increased payload capacity and faster cycle times for maximum efficiency. Since 1971, Galbreath has been a respected and rugged brand, renowned for minimal downtime, lower maintenance costs, and maximum safety.
Contact us with any questions you have about roll-off truck dimensions and specifications. Our flexible roll-off truck rental plans range from short term (one to six months), to long-term (greater than six months), to rent-to-own. Since 2001, we’ve enabled waste haulers to modernize their fleets and THINK BIG to remain competitive during times of transition.

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