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How Much Does a New Roll Off Garbage Truck Cost?

How Much Does a New Roll Off Garbage Truck Cost?

A new roll off truck can cost several hundred thousand dollars. The exact price you pay will depend on variables such as the manufacturer, model, and added features. Outside factors such as inflation rate can also have an impact.

One way to spare your company this massive expense is to rent your new roll off garbage truck from Big Truck Rental instead. We have flexible terms to meet your budget and a wide selection of top-quality trucks to choose from. We even have a rent-to-purchase plan! We help you get the vehicles you need immediately, with no wait time.

Get in touch with our customer service experts today to learn more. Below, we go more in-depth on what affects the cost of new roll off trucks.

How Much Does a Roll Off Truck Cost?

The price of a roll off garbage truck depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The truck manufacturer – The more prestigious the manufacturer, the higher the sticker price is likely to be.
  • The truck’s features – These include weight capacity, dimensions, and accessories, such as added cameras or lights. The more capable the truck, the more you’ll pay.
  • Current supply – As of early 2022, supply-chain bottlenecks are driving up the prices of all trucks, including roll offs. The harder these vehicles are to find, the more a conventional purchase will cost.

Roll Off Garbage Trucks for Rent

As we mentioned earlier, there’s a better way for your business to get the vehicles it needs. Simply take advantage of our roll off garbage truck rental options. Here’s how it works:

  • You select the vehicle you want from our large selection of in-stock models – We work with leading manufacturers such as Heil and Galbreath, so you can rest assured you’re getting a high-quality truck.
  • Select the rental plan that works best for your needs – We have short-term, long-term, and rent-to-purchase arrangements.
  • You receive your new truck fast – Usually within 48 hours of ordering, so you can put it to work right away.
  • We take care of any repairs that become necessary – Your only responsibility is regularly scheduled maintenance.

With garbage trucks to rent from Big Truck Rental, you get the benefits of ownership with the flexibility of a rental plan. What could be better? Contact us today to take the next step. You’ll soon be on the road to higher profits and lower operating costs.

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