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What Are the Advantages of a McNeilus Rear Loader Garbage Truck?

Is your garbage truck fleet up to modern standards? Equipment reliability plays a large role in cutting down on overhead and reducing downtime. How old is your most recent truck? If it is time for an upgrade, a McNeilus standard rear loader garbage truck is equipped with the latest industry technology for streamlining daily operations.

Reduce Operation Costs

Time is money; this is true in any industry. With the McNeilus rear loader’s 16- to 18-second pack cycle, operators save time, especially during residential pickup in densely populated routes. The truck is also specifically designed with fewer service points, such as joints and other locations requiring lubrication. This cuts down on maintenance and time-consuming daily pre-trip PMCS.

Furthermore, the truck’s hydraulics consist of the brand’s patented Excalibre™, featuring tool steel shavers and hardened nitride rods. This drastically reduces hydraulic contamination, keeping cost- and labor-intensive maintenance to a minimum.

Get the Highest Value for What You Spend

We recommend a rental before a purchase; test the rear loader on various residential routes and even the occasional commercial pickup (the McNeilus rear loader is also designed for light commercial collections). If several trial runs confirm the truck’s on-the-job efficiency, then you can elect to buy it through our rent-to-purchase program. McNeilus garbage trucks have one of the highest industry resale values.

Plenty of Selection

No single garbage truck provides a one-size-fits-all solution. With McNeilus, you are not limited to one or two models. The manufacturer’s rear loader trucks come in a diverse selection. Choose between the standard model or the heavy-duty variant with a higher compaction force.

Additional options include the McNeilus Split Body Rear Loader for simultaneously handling general trash and recyclables/organic waste. If you require a higher payload, then the Tag Axle Rear Loader is another choice that provides the highest payload while maintaining a vehicle weight that falls within most municipal limits.

Test a McNeilus Rear Loader Today

McNeilus is one of the most trusted industry manufacturers. However, don’t take our word for it; contact us Big Truck Rental today and test a McNeilus residential garbage truck out for yourself. See if it makes an improvement in your daily residential and commercial routes. We are confident you will be satisfied with the results. To learn more about our short-term and long-term rental options, contact us today.

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