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Tips to Save on Your Fleet Truck Rental Fuel Costs

The price of diesel is astronomical these days. But, even when fuel costs are more reasonable, owners of waste disposal trucks are always interested in fuel-saving tips for trucks. After all, the average garbage truck uses about $42,000 of fuel each year. If you’re looking to reduce that portion of your overhead, explore the following fuel-saving tips for trucks.

Stay on Top of Your Routine Maintenance Tasks

Vehicles that aren’t maintained properly will always consume more fuel than they should. Make sure you’re using the right grade of motor oil for the truck, which can improve fuel economy. Consider upgrading to oil that has been formulated with friction-reducing additives, which will also improve the truck’s fuel economy. Check the motor oil label for the term “Resource Conserving.”

In addition, get the engine tuned up regularly. A tuned-up engine will boost fuel economy. In particular, promptly repair any garbage truck that has failed an emissions test.

Check the Tire Pressure Regularly

It’s recommended to check the tire pressure in all your garbage trucks at least once or twice per week. During cold snaps or heat waves, check it every day. If a truck’s tires are under-inflated, the engine will have to work harder for the same amount of distance. However, be sure that the tires are not over-inflated either. Ensure the tire pressure is checked with a properly calibrated tire gauge.

Evaluate Your Current Routes

Your list of customers changes from time to time as residents move, as they switch to a different garbage company, and as you acquire new customers. This means that your waste pick-up routes will change. Periodically, it’s necessary to thoroughly evaluate the routes your drivers are taking. Determine whether you can reduce the overall mileage by making a few adjustments.

Keep in mind, however, that the geographical locations of your customers aren’t the only factors that will affect your routes. Consider potential problems such as areas known for major traffic jams, as being stuck in stop-and-go traffic will harm fuel economy. You’ll want your drivers to avoid those areas as much as possible.

Establish an Idle Time Policy

Whenever your fleet of garbage trucks is idling, it’s wasting fuel. Make sure your drivers know that you expect them to turn off the engine every time they make a pit stop or break for lunch. Note that in some municipalities, it’s unlawful to leave a truck idling for longer than a few minutes.

Contact Big Truck Rental for Exceptional Savings for Your Fleet

If saving money is on your mind, contact Big Truck Rental to discuss our exceptionally competitive rates and garbage truck rental options for waste management fleets. We offer multiple rental plans for municipalities, full fleets, and others that are in need of dependable waste disposal trucks. With short-term, long-term, and rent-to-purchase agreements available, you’re sure to find terms that suit your needs. Contact us today about our garbage truck rentals.

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