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Mike Zukusky Named Chief Operating Officer for Big Truck Rental

Big Truck Rental, LLC www.bigtruckrental.com announced today that Mike Zukusky has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer for Big Truck Rental. Zukusky will continue reporting directly to President Zach Martin and will officially transition upon a new CFO joining the company.

Zukusky originally joined BTR in 2013 as Chief Financial Officer.

“Mike is an outstanding executive and has been instrumental in leading our ability to grow by negotiating multiple competitive credit facilities with significant upsizing. A core tenant of our finance group is that our growth will not be limited by our access to capital and with Mike at the helm, we have been very successful in executing this. While Mike has been responsible for the financial arm of the business, his talents reach much further as he has a sharp operational mind and has been successfully and heavily involved in all executive decisions around technology, process enhancement, and partner engagement. His performance speaks for itself and makes this an easy decision for the executive team and Board at BTR,” President Zach Martin said in announcing the promotion.

“I am proud to be part of the Big Truck Rental team and I am excited for the opportunity to continue to help BTR achieve its growth targets. I look forward to continuing to expand our platform and drive value to our customers in this new role,” said Zukusky.

“Mike leads by example and is representative of our servant leader culture here at BTR. We know his skills will translate from finance to operations at an extremely high level and continue positively impacting the business for years to come,” said Martin.

“As we look to BTR’s future, improving our systems and processes both internally and externally to enhance the customer experience is a critical component of our long-term strategy. We have a tremendous team here at BTR and I know we can execute on those initiatives,” said Zukusky.

“Mike is a proven executive and it is our job to take our best people and put them on our best opportunities and that is exactly what we are doing. I am confident Mike will shine in this new role and enhance our operational strategy and execution,” concluded Founder and CEO Scott Dols.

Big Truck Rental is the North American leader in essential services specialty equipment rentals, all backed by a nationally serviced and supported fleet. To find out more about Big Truck Rental, please visit us at www.bigtruckrental.com , www.routereadytrucks.com , or contact us at btrsales@bigtruckrental.com or at 1 (888) 772-0058.

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