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How Does a Garbage Truck Compactor Work?

By condensing garbage so that it takes up less space in the body of the vehicle, the garbage truck compactor increases the amount of trash that can be transported before being discharged, allowing waste hauling companies to maximize the number of daily pickups.

How Garbage Truck Compactors Work

The trash compactor has a compression chamber that runs along the length of the truck and has a discharge opening at one end and a feed opening at the other. In the compression chamber, there is a ram that is driven by hydraulics. Its job is to pack the trash to a certain density and pressure by moving back and forth. At the chamber’s discharge opening, there is a door that can be moved manually between an open and a closed position. When the door is closed, the trash is pressed against it.

A hydraulic compactor is a machine that uses hydraulic pressure to compress materials. The force of a standard garbage truck compactor is approximately 2,750 psi (pounds per square inch).

Compactors Work in Tandem With Other Design Elements

Garbage trucks are designed to collect different types of rubbish using different components. The rear loader garbage truck is the most common type of garbage truck, and it is used in most residential areas to collect trash cans curbside. Such vehicles typically feature a hydraulic lift that raises and lowers trash cans into a hopper at the rear of the truck. A garbage collector may operate a set of buttons and levers mounted on the exterior of the vehicle to control this operation.

When the hopper is full, a hydraulic mechanism scoops the trash into the truck’s compacting section. The garbage truck compactor then reduces the amount of space that the refuse occupies in the truck’s body. The cycle continues until the truck’s body is full.

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