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What Is the Weight Capacity of a Terminal Tractor?

The weight capacity of a terminal tractor will naturally depend on what model of truck you’re using. In general, you can expect a terminal tractor to be able to haul loads of around 100,000 pounds.

With the shipping and distribution industry more chaotic than ever, companies in this sector are increasingly looking for ways to improve efficiency and save money. For many businesses, the answer to that question is by using terminal tractors to move trailers and cargo containers around their yards or terminals. Terminal tractors, also known as shunt trucks, yard trucks, or spotter trucks, are specifically designed for moving cargo containers and trailers around a yard, terminal, or port, with unique features that make them perfect for the job.

Weight Capacity and Performance

Depending on the specific vehicle being used, terminal tractors are capable of moving loads of anywhere from 85,000 pounds up to over 200,000 pounds in extreme cases. With such a range of weight capacities available, you should have no trouble finding a terminal tractor right for your business.

Aside from their weight capacity, however, terminal tractors have several other design features that make them attractive for the shipping and distribution industry. Terminal tractors are specialized for hauling cargo around a yard or terminal, with features like sliding doors and catwalks that lead to the trailer. This may sound like a small thing, but it means that the driver can hook up the trailer and air lines without having to dismount, walk around, connect everything, and then return to the cabin. This one small feature shaves minutes of time off of every trailer moved and enables a driver to move more cargo in a single shift than if they had used a conventional road truck.

These features and others make terminal tractors the obvious choice if your area of operations is confined to the shipping yard.

Safety and Ease of Operation

Another attractive aspect of terminal tractors is that they are safer and easier to operate than conventional road trucks. Not having to constantly enter and exit the cabin means the driver is less likely to hurt themselves in a fall, for example. Other design features, like cabins engineered for superior visibility, help prevent collisions. This is especially critical in a tightly packed and hectic environment like a shipping yard.

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