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What Are the Advantages of a Heil Front Loader Garbage Truck?

Do you trust all car brands equally? Probably not; there are likely brands that you prefer over others due to factors like reputation and personal driving experience. The same goes for garbage trucks. As a garbage truck rental provider, we are very selective about the manufacturers that we partner with. Our reputation depends on it. Heil is one of the manufacturers we have strong confidence in. The Heil Half Pack front loader garbage truck is among the most reliable in the industry.

Why We Trust the Heil Front Loader Garbage Truck

Heil is one of the manufacturers that have long earned our trust. What are the Heil front loader garbage truck advantages that make it so reliable over the competitors? The brand is specifically noted for its Half/Pack® Frontload Garbage Trucks compatible for both residential and commercial applications.

The hydraulic arm utilizes the brand’s patented Odyssey™ hydraulic controls technology for smoother and speedier operation, helping to reduce the time per collection. The difference in arm speed may only be a few seconds, but it adds up when your route consists of hundreds of pickups per shift. The arm is controlled using an easy-to-use joystick for improved accuracy and productivity. Over time, this leads to a lower total cost of collection.

Heil Stands for Longevity

One of the biggest setbacks in the waste industry is downtime due to truck maintenance. While general maintenance is unavoidable, certain trucks last longer between inspections and tune-ups. Heil has several patents, including Shur-Lock™ tailgate locks, inter-laced ladder subfloors, and the double-walled and lapped hopper sides. These components are designed with reliability, durability, and longevity in mind.

Diverse Truck Selections

With Heil, you have several truck selections among front loaders. Choices are available regarding body size and compaction capacity.

Compaction capacity ranges between 105,000 pounds and 117,000 pounds. Body sizes also vary between 20 and 32 cubic yards. Select the model that strikes an ideal balance between hauling capacity and maneuverability. Furthermore, our short-term rental contracts offer plenty of flexibility and chances to try out various models.

Enquire About Our Heil Garbage Trucks for Rental

The waste sector has stringent and ever-changing demands. Our Heil front loader garbage truck rental solutions include various models to help meet your needs. We stand behind the manufacturer and are confident you will, too. Contact Big Truck Rental today for front end loader truck rental solutions; we only stand behind manufacturers that earn our high standards for trust.

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