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Renting Guide for Front Loader Garbage Trucks

Not all garbage trucks are created equal. This is particularly so of front loader garbage trucks, which are rapidly becoming a mainstay in the refuse industry for their quick and efficient operation. At Big Truck Rental, our front loader garbage truck rental solution includes models from various trustworthy brands.

What are the factors to consider when renting a front loader truck?

Weight Capacity

Weight capacities vary between models. Front loaders designed for commercial applications can hold more, compared to a more compact model primarily designed for residential use. Heil, one of our trusted manufacturers, has front loaders with compaction capacities ranging from 105,000 to 117,000 pounds.

When deciding which front loader to rent, ask yourself these questions: How many return trips, if any, must you make to your compound to empty your bin? Which is your top priority, hauling capacity, or maneuverability?


How is the seat designed and positioned? Comfort is important, considering the operator is going to be spending the bulk of his or her shift behind the wheel.

Visibility is another factor. Does the front window provide a clear view that minimizes blind spots? Are all side mirrors easily adjustable at the push of a button?

Hydraulic Arm

What is the weight capacity of the hydraulic arm? This is especially important if you intend on using the front loader for commercial use. Furthermore, what is the total time between activating the arm and the arm setting down the bin after emptying it? Though the time difference between trucks may only be seconds, it adds up when making hundreds of stops per day.

We Provide Garbage Front Loader Trucks for Rent

This front loader garbage truck rental guide sums up the basics for first-time and seasoned waste truck operators looking for their next rental. Contact Big Truck Rental to add a front-loader to your existing fleet. We have headquarters operating throughout all of North America.

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